March 2014 Blog Posts (12)

Barry’s Blog # 87: Blaming the Victim (Part One)

In 2014, long before the 2020 economic collapse, a friend forwarded this BBC News article: “American Dream Breeds Shame and Blame for Job Seekers”,which cited statistics claiming that 10.5 million Americans were unemployed. But in practical terms she was quite inaccurate. This was merely the number of people who were collecting weekly unemployment compensation checks.

If we were to add in those who wanted full-time…


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Intuit Your Answer!

Your back is up against the wall, you're in crisis, there seems to be no way out, you need an answer ---open your mind, intuit it! When problems press hard against the psyche, it becomes white hot. Mind opens up. Answers can come in a flash, or via an unexpected encounter, or through a rip roaring dream that provides a lit up perspective on a dark dilemma that's been plaguing us.…


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Are You an Everyday Artist?

Learning to give expression to our experience of illness can teach us much about ourselves. I came to this conclusion when out of desperation for a cure for what ails me, I googled the words healing and illness. During the first three years of living with a chronic illness, I’d done this many times before. Instead of finding sites on diets, cures or the latest research on RA, what came up on the first page was DH Lawrence’s poem Healing:

I am not a…


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Counts of the Netherworld

Imagine a TV show about the collective unconscious...

A few weeks ago marked 20 years since the world was left a poorer place for the loss of Bill Hicks.

Bill was a comedian, a preacher and a prophet. A student of A Course In Miracles, he used comedy to convey his message about the need for humanity to evolve. (Consider his rallying cry of ‘not one human being excluded’…


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Embodying Alchemy with Robert Bosnak and Patricia Berry (James Hillman)

Just about the best...when something fits, you feel it, I feel it, in my body. The sensation of a permeable warmth with my mind relaxed and ready to question, probe...some might simply call it interest, but interest needs to be met in the outer world. This course is a meeting of Interest and Inner Desire. 

If you have ever had an interest in Alchemy, join this webinar. 

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Life Is Too Much!

No question about is too much! After over thirty years of treating patients in psychotherapy, I'm convinced there's a reason it's too much. It's too much because we're in the midst of a life or attitude shift. We don't want it. We want to cling to the old, tried and true, but misery making attitudes, life styles, relationships. They're what we're familiar with. So, the energy for…


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Barry’s Blog # 86: Male Initiation and the Mother in Greek Myth (Part Eight – Conclusion)

Part Eight – Conclusion

The story of Dionysus getting Hephaestus drunk (in Part Seven) symbolizes not literal inebriation but male initiation into a psychology where the feminine is welcome and the mother complex no longer threatens the marriage bond. Dionysus, says Murray Stein, is both the “agent and the product of initiation… the integration of feminine spirit into masculine consciousness.” The male ego co-exists with the animating feminine nature it had previously…


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Mavericks and the Dominion of Memory

I am really delighted to have found the DPA! I believe it likely to add real friends with an orientation towards transpersonal experience, and those to offer candid views and tolerant exchanges. Its ‘broad base’ has great appeal.


This initial post is simply to introduce a book ‘Involution-An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God’ which can be fairly easily perused on this website Involution-An Odyssey …


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Barry’s Blog # 85: Male Initiation and the Mother in Greek Myth (Part Seven)

Part Seven – Dionysus and Hephaestus


Dionysus, like Heracles, was born of Zeus and a mortal woman. Initiation motifs occur throughout his life: in his suffering, his dismemberment by the Titans, his double birth and the wound in Zeus’s thigh from which he was re-born. Like Heracles, he was persecuted and driven mad by Hera. Unlike Heracles, Dionysus was saved and protected by a series of nymphs and goddesses who became his surrogate mothers.



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Barry’s Blog # 84: Male Initiation and the Mother in Greek Myth (Part Six)

Part Six: Telemachus and Heracles


The story of Telemachus takes place within the broader context of the Odyssey, in which Odysseus experiences a series of initiations (all of them, curiously, by female figures) and evolves from a one-dimensional, heroic figure to a mature, archetypal king. Early on, the gods make repeated comparisons between Telemachus and his cousin Orestes. Neither had seen his father since infancy. Telemachus knew of Odysseus…


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Video: Jung on the importance of myth

Don't miss this blisteringly brilliant one-minute clip of Jung speaking about man's need for myth:

“A man is not complete when he lives in a world of statistical truth.

He must live in a world of his biological truth.

Man has always lived in the…


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Barry’s Blog # 83: Male Initiation and the Mother in Greek Myth (Part Five)

Part Five


…nothing can be sole or whole that has not been rent – Yeats

Orestes killed his mother, but Pentheus’ mother killed him. Dionysus drove the women of Thebes mad because they hadn’t respected him. His cousin, the adolescent King Pentheus, tried to imprison him and defeat the mad women, who were led by Pentheus’ mother Agave and his two aunts. In his rigidly masculine stance, the king was blind to the fact that a god (or, if…


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