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Barry’s Blog # 327: Black Swans and White Vultures, Parts One -- Seven

Part One

A dancer dies twice – once when they stop dancing, and this first death is the more painful. – Martha Graham

The 2010 film Black Swan is a deeply wise and convincing psychological account of the inner journey required of the ballerina protagonist in order to fully embody the dual female lead roles in a production of Swan…


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Have you had meaningful experiences with images or coincidences since losing a loved one in the last 6 to 12 months? Please consider participating in this study investigating the meaning of significant images, symbols, and coincidences in grieving experiences. This is a dissertation study conducted by Ashley Simons for a doctorate in psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, supervised by Kesstan Blandin, PhD. Inclusion criteria: 1) 18 yrs. old or older; 2) loss of loved one 6 to 12…


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Education Institution


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Education Institution


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Barry's Blog # 325-327: All Shook Up, The American Dionysus, Parts 5-7 of 7

Part Five

Historian Milton Viorst writes that the theme of the 1950s was “security: internal security (McCarthy), international security (massive retaliation), personal security (careerism). And yet no one felt secure.”…


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Barry’s Blog # 320-324: All Shook Up, the American Dionysus, Parts 1-4 0f 7

Part One

For where there is dance, there also is the Devil.  – St. John Chrysostom

Bobo-malay, shushu maya (Lord, make this body dance!) – Dagara, West Africa

The Greek word xenos means both “stranger” (as in xenophobia) and “guest.” This etymological twist lies at the root of a profound mystery. As Carl Jung taught us, the repressed…


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Compassionate Care for Critical Care Nurses

Individual, Private + Secure Online + Phone Support for Critical Care Nurses  

MOT ©™ is pleased to announce the opening, registration and wait list for 12 nurses providing COVID-19 critical care during this pandemic.  

This 2 year service commitment with 3 month terms:…


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Small Group PeerSupport for Frontline Heroes

 Images of new coronavirus just released

By Yasemin Saplakoglu - Staff Writer…


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Feel the Hope

As a psychologist in training, I remember a deeply nourishing exchange with a supervisor that kindled my understanding of hope and healing. “Healing calls for hope. As a therapist, you’ve got to feel it for the patient. If you don’t, it would be best to refer them to someone you feel might be better for them. Maybe they simply would benefit from medication or need a neurological workup. Not everyone is ready for or needs therapy. But, if they come your way, check in with your…


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Do What You Love and Make a Difference—But How?

This is the second of two blogs that address the coronavirus pandemic.

I’m going out very little during the coronavirus pandemic, while also taking time to stay connected—at a distance—with family, friends, and colleagues. It is so important in these times that people are not isolated. Simultaneously, I am…


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Beyond Disinfectant, Cleaning Wipes, and Toilet Paper: Our Pandemic Challenge

This is the first of two blogs that address the coronavirus pandemic.

All I have is a voice

To undo the folded lie,



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Learnings from deep work with clients about the covid 19 pandemic

Wanted to share some of the learnings that have been coming up in Doorway sessions with my clients about the covid19 pandemic... I made a little 5 minute video of the ways my clients (and all of us) are being tested by the Deep…


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Your Deep Knowing Matters: Teleclass on Depth Psychology Alliance

Last fall was the first time I heard it.

A very clear, calm, inner voice said, “Don’t worry Kim, you’re going to be fine.”

I have heard that voice every day since. And although I work with the Other side, at first I had no idea WHY I was being constantly reassured.

Of course, now I know why I heard the voice.

And because this voice had been so consistent and relentless, when Covid 19 first broke out in China, I knew it was serious. I…


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Shamanic Initiation, Descent, and Learning through Direct Experience of the Sacred

A common and compelling component of both shamanism and Jungian or depth psychology is that each seeks to treat soul loss by retrieving and reintegrating vital essence that is missing. This must occur through direct experience; therefore, the underworld journey to retrieve the soul is one of necessity and initiation.

Swiss psychiatrist…


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C.G. Jung Club 2020 Annual Conference with Michael Meade Cancelled

The C.G. Jung Club of Orange County is extremely sorry to have to cancel the Michael Meade conference Awakening the Soul which was previously announced for March 28, 2020. Michael lives in the Seattle area, not far from Kirkland, the current epicenter of coronavirus cases in the US. Out of caution for all involved, Michael has made the difficult decision to postpone all travel and event plans through June. This decision follows the recommendations from…


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What It Takes To Change

Change takes time, months, and years or can happen instantly. It depends on where we are in life. Everyone says they want to heal and change, but the real thing, the stuff of true wholeness, requires a deep breath and a plunge. So, it’s frightening—easy to say, mind-shattering to engage.

A patient reported the…


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Early Bird Registration Ends Soon for STA National Conference!!

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A Nation At War With Itself

The verdict is in: The President of the United States of America has abused his power, bullied another nation to provide him with personal political benefit, and covered this up in unprecedented ways. The Mueller investigation also identified many crimes he was party to as a candidate as well as numerous instances of obstruction of justice. He…


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You Express the Kabbalistic Tree of Life each time you pick up a pen and write!

I've published a new book about the psychology of Kabbalah as we see it expressed in handwriting. Let's use the handwriting of celebrities to illustrate how that works!

Here are the details:



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