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Anxiety and Depression, Future, Past, and Present

Anxiety is emotion that is oriented to the Future.

...anticipating events and undesirable consequences.



Anxiety is excitement with too little breath.

––Fritz Perls



Depression is oriented to the Past.

...remembering with remorse, regret, un-forgiveness.



Your Depression is caused by an inability to praise.



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Michael Meade on Fate & Destiny

I wasn’t expecting to get blissed out at a lecture on mythology, but since Michael Meade was the one speaking, I should have known better. A thoroughly engrossing storyteller, Meade made his presentation in part to promote his new book, Fate and Destiny: The Two Agreements of the Soul (GreenFire Press, 2010). He began the evening by using stirring stories from his own boyhood to illustrate the compelling nature of the topics of his book. Here’s an example: When Meade was on the verge of… Continue

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Animus Aeternus


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"Despair is the only cure for illusion." ––Alexander Lowen

People get trapped in despair when their despair is incomplete, when some thread of illusory hope is still retained. Without despair we cannot transfer our allegiance to reality–it is a kind of mourning period for our fantasies. Some people do not survive this despair, but no major change within a person can occur without it. (Phillip Slater, Earthwalk, 1974)

Despair is incomplete when we still believe in the…


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The Roots of Culture: An Ethno-Depth-Psychological Inquiry into the Role of the Nile in Ancient & Contemporary Egypt

In honor of current events in Egypt, an excerpt from a recent work of mine:

“Perhaps we are like stones; our own history and the history of the world embedded in us, we hold a sorrow deep within and cannot weep until that history is sung” (Griffin, 1992, p. 8).’

 Like many of us in western culture, I am aware of an underlying and ongoing search for meaning in life, looking for roots and a sense of groundedness in which I can locate myself and come into…


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New Articles on the Fisher King Review

New articles posted to the Fisher King Review

Animus Aeternus  “The animus is the deposit, as it were, of all woman’s ancestral experiences of man—and not only that, he is also a creative and procreative being.” —C.G. Jung

Inextricably enmeshed in the life of every woman is a constellation of autonomous energy that Jung called animus, her masculine side. As a woman…

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The Tiger Mother Controversy


The Enneagram offers an alternative to overly strict mothering.

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An Alchemical Take on the Film "Black Swan"

For millennia, the practice of alchemy has provided knowledge of visible creation, nature, and God, as well as insight into the soul and psyche of humanity (Linden, 2003). Beginning in the fourth century, Western alchemy adopted the idea that God had fallen from the divine cosmos into physical matter and lost his sacredness, requiring a process in which he could become divine again, undergoing the work of being washed, purified, and raised up in to ever more liberating stages of divinity and… Continue

Added by Bonnie Bright on January 23, 2011 at 5:38pm — 6 Comments

"There's an Observer in My House!" by Theresa Hoang

I think you will like this description of a 12 year old introvert (5-Observer in the Enneagram system)

by my extern, a student at the University of California in Berkeley. It's funny. This is a guest blog.


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Bone: Dying into Life, a Book Review of "Bone" by Jungian Marion Woodman| by Margaret Piton--from the C.G Jung Society of Montreal

In 2009, I had the pleasure of attending a workshop with Marion Woodman. Truly, she is one of the greats in Depth Psychology. Not only a woman who runs in a world that has been traditionally dominated by its male founders and successors, Dr. Woodman has an authenticity and joie de vivre about her that is unmistakable. She has done the work to engage the world through soul, and that has truly had an impact on me, and on the world at large.

I will never forget her saying she never sat… Continue

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Old Recipes for a New World

"Today we are again seeking for a new world. No longer do there remain undiscovered continents to serve us as laboratories for social experiments, so we are turning our attention to other kinds of worlds - worlds of thought, inner spheres which must yet be explored by daring navigators. Science ...has discovered a new universe - the universe of the mind. The infant psychology… Continue

Added by Thom F. Cavalli, Ph.D. on January 17, 2011 at 8:51am — No Comments

Becoming: World Cultures

article by Deldon Anne McNeely

Interviewed on his 90th birthday, Nelson Mandela, the South African political leader who led the fight against apartheid, was asked if he regretted not having spent more time with his family during his lifetime. He thought for a while and replied, “No, I had to do what was necessary for my soul.” (Interview, British Broadcasting Corporation, June, 2008.)

C.G. Jung was clear about the fact that he was proposing individuation from the… Continue

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Wild Earth

The Wild Earth is a series of paintings that came through me last spring. I have felt a resonance with these pieces like no others, as though my own inner wilderness was released through the paint.

Added by Holly Friesen on January 16, 2011 at 6:10pm — 1 Comment

Depth Psychology & Schoolrefusal

Goodday to everyone here,

My name is Karina Grijzen, and I live in Holland.

(English is not my native language, please forgive me in case of weird sentences)

In my work I'm known for being able…


Added by Karina Grijzen - den Oudsten on January 16, 2011 at 9:01am — 2 Comments

The Legacy of Henry Corbin

Just want to call attention to my blog The Legacy of Henry Corbin which should be of interest to many participants of the Alliance.


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Finding the Bones of Your Personal Myth


Hi all,

How wonderful that this community is expanding so rapidly.

I had the good fortune to hear Dr. Daniel Rottman, president of the New York Jung Foundation and a member of the faculty of the Assisi Institute, speak on the archetype of love in December at the Jung Center here. I expect to be posting some new thoughts on my Living Story blog about story and love, based on my experience with the story groups I facilitate, which have been inspired by his…


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Whoa! There really is an unconscious!

Christopher Lane, author of Shyness: How a Normal Behavior Became a Sickness, has a…


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"...a miracle is an experience in which we witness manifestations that result from dimensions of parallel worlds breaking into the one we happen to be in at the moment. From this perspective, miracles are the rule rather than the exception; only perceptual prejudice keeps us from seeing them."  298-299 Alchemical… Continue

Added by Thom F. Cavalli, Ph.D. on January 15, 2011 at 8:28am — 2 Comments

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