How to Use the ZOOM Video Webinar Platform

Instructions on How to Join a Session using Zoom, Depth Alliance's designated Video Webinar Platform


One of the reasons we chose the Zoom platform we are using is because it is particularly user friendly and easy to use.

—When you click on the link provided to you for any given webinar, it will generate a small piece of software that needs to be installed to allow it to run on your computer. If you just follow the prompt(s), it should take you right in.

 —As you follow the prompts, be sure to say “yes" to any questions that you may be asked. If you are asked about audio, select “use computer audio.”

—Once you click, the process may take 30-60 seconds for those questions to come up and after you answer “yes,” it will take you into the session. You can try it anytime, even though the session isn’t being broadcast. You can still get to the place where it will be broadcast at the designated time.


—If you are using a tablet or smartphone to connect, you can download the app in advance and connect in much the same way.


HERE is a short 2-3 minute “How to join” video that may be help:


If all else fails, Zoom has good technical support if you call them live (less so using the text/chat support). Their number is 1.888.799.9666.


The Meeting ID (if you are asked for it) is the nine numbers at the end of the access link provided for you to click to join the session.


Please email with any questions. 

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