How to Make Your "My Page" Private

You can change the privacy settings for you "My Page" at any time. You can set your My Page to be visible to everyone (default), to only members of the Ning Network, or just to your friends on the network.

To change the privacy of your My Page, click on the “Settings” link in the right column of the page, then click “Privacy” on the left. Choose the levels of privacy you’d like, then scroll down and click “Save.”

You can also choose the privacy level of the content you add from this page. You can overwrite this setting for particular items when adding them or by editing them after they’ve been added to the network. Changes you make to these settings aren’t retroactive, so you’ll need to update the visibility of previously uploaded photos, videos, or blog posts.

If you’ve changed the privacy of your My Page, visitors who don’t have access to your My Page will only be able to view your name, photo and location.

NOTE:  If there is previously posted content you wish to delete, you can find instructions on how to do it under the "ABOUT" link, then "Navigating the Site.'

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