Along with my partner Melissa Mari, I've published this book. The contents came to us as we engaged in shadow work within the container of our relationship. A number of concepts in the book had been brewing in me for several years, but only after we came together did they manifest as a coherent map. The map that began to appear was comprised of several concepts that fit together to help us understand "the destructive force in the universe" and how it manifests in the psyche and culture.

Of course there are infinite ways of mapping destruction, or evil as we call it when it appears in the mind and culture, but this map comes through a systems theory lens. We use the Jungian model of the shadow as our base and then overlay a new map. We feel that this book is our first attempt at modeling the shadow in a novel way, but that this is just the beginning.

We begin with an essay on duality to help us see the passive and active sides of destruction from a metaphysical or zoomed out perspective. We then bring in a concept called Holarchy, which Ken Wilber helped to bring into greater view that is a modern equivalent to the Hermetic maxim "As Above, So Below". Next we model the mind as a microcosmic coorelate of the culture and explore how mind and culture can been seen in terms of biological operating systems.

With these maps in place to form a backdrop, we explore the biological relationship profile of Parasitism and show how we might see the active processes in the shadow of the psyche as "psychic parasitism". In the chapter "V is for Virus" we present this theory in a more or less complete way and explore how viral psychic programs or entities have a life cycle we call the "victim-victor" cycle and how shadow entities are communicable through the culture like biological pathogens.

The last three chapters discuss our own experiences with Individuation and the use of John Ruskan's Emotional Clearing practice for channeling out old repressed psychic energy which is a food source for parasitic psychic contents. The last chapter is an interview with Melissa where her life experiences are shared in a conversational way.

The writing itself is mine and takes a left brained approach but the work itself, on the ground level is more balanced as we use art, music, transparent conversation, dreams, synchronicities and epiphanies to access the information that has come forth.

We offer a PDF version of the book for free, or the Kindle and Paperback versions are on Amazon. The paperback has an additional chapter called Living In The Movie, which is a metaphor for the dream like nature of waking reality and its connection to personal consciousness.

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