Depth psychology is based on human experiences - whether they are induced purposefully or occur spontaneously - that transcend and often directly challenge our everyday materialistic perceptions of the world as being made of separate independent objects - a person, a tree, a bird, a bee, a mountain. What is the network that connects and communicates between these apparently separate things?

One of the most interesting and useful tools to explore these connections and communications is systemic constellation work, as referred to by Rupert Sheldrake in his excellent slideshow presentation. on exactly this subject.

In his slideshow that Bonnie recently posted on this site - Craig Chalquist: Conscious Apocalypse - devotes part of the presentation to the importance of our experiencing our connections to nature more directly,in order to find our way to a new post-modern post-apocalypse civilization in harmony with instead of at war with nature.

The recently published book - Returning to Membership in Earth Community: Systemic Constellations with Nature - is the result of a collaboration by 14 facilitators of constellations involving nature from five countries. (The book is published by Stream of Experience Production, of which I am the principle.  I also co-edited and contributed a chapter to the book.)

The book offers a broad spectrum of reports as to how this method can assist us in gaining new insights and appreciations for the nature in us and around us - from connecting to our birthplace to finding our way forward with environmental activism, to experiencing global change in our own bodies.

The depth psychology that we thereby experience is not our personal nor even human psychology, but is the psychology of consciousness and incarnation - the divine play between awareness and emptiness.

The book is available in black and white or color versions, as well as a Kindle ebook version, on all Amazon sites or via the publisher, Stream of Experience Productions.


Chapter 1 - Nature Constellations by Francesca Mason Boring   
Chapter 2 - Talking Trees, Whispering Rocks by Sneh Victoria Schnabel   
Chapter 3 - The Queer Breath of the Universe by Daan van Kampenhout   

Chapter 4 - Experiencing Ecosystems by Berchthold Wasser   
Chapter 5 - Another Kind of Field Trip by Zita Cox   
Chapter 6 - The Animal Experience by Beth Murray and Peter deVries   
Chapter 7 - Silver Horse Healing Ranch by Sara Fancy   
Chapter 8 - Environmental Organization Constellations by Chrisjan Leermakers
Chapter 9 - Nature Experience and Nature Theater by Berchthold Wasser   
Chapter 10 - Dream Constellations by Kirsten Love Lauzon   
Chapter 11 - Five Element Constellations by John Cheney   
Chapter 12 - Constellations on Global Change by Andreas Demmel   
Chapter 13 - The Birthplace Representative by Kenneth Edwin Sloan   
Chapter 14 - The Call of the Wild by Susan Schlosser   

- Completing the Circle of Community   
- Experiencing Other Perspectives   
- Finding New Resources   
- Healing Broken Relationships   
- Education       
- Supporting Decision Processes   
- Joy     

- Internet Site and Online Community   
- The Knowing Field and Barbara Morgan   
- The Art of Jane Kiskaddon 


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