Webinar: Jung, Alchemy and The Tree of Life and what is on the agenda this week and beyond.

This upcoming webinar introduces the Tree of Life as a glyph towards awakening the imagination to the Divine in Matter through:
An introduction to The Hermetic Tree of Life, and its connection to Jung’s Map of Psyche
-examination of the symbolic essence of basic symbols:  
Circle, Triangle and Square and their correspondence to Spirit, Psyche and Matter
The Tree as an Objective symbolic system that describes the movement of the caduceus as it moves into the Subjective experience in the body and returns
- A deepened understanding and integration of the relationship between the archetypal and instinctual realms with Hermes functioning as transformer, mediator and the Transcendent Third.
 - How  the process of Individuation is delineated through the ancient  glyph of the Tree of Life.

Looking forward to deepening discussion..

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Hi Eva - how unfortunate for me I missed the first introduction.  I hope it was recorded and I look forward to listening.  Peace + Love Linda

Hello Linda,

Good news! It does not start until tomorrow and yes; it will be recorded if you cannot make it. I hope you do make it tomorrow evening and I hope to "see" you there. :-)

I look forward to meeting you and to your presence and contribution.

Warmest wishes and gratitude


Good morning Eva - such great news I had your webinar on the wrong day in my calendar and that I did not miss it!  Awe, the universe does provide for all we need and I also look forward to your webinar.  I will be there.  Peace + Love Linda 

Eva, all this information on these systems is so exciting to uncover. Right now, as I'm reading Erich Neumann I am learning the breakdown of the Osiris/Horus myth, hero's quest, comparative to the Demeter/Kore myths, and eventually to alchemy because of these sources.

The symbolic mural I posted on my page expresses these same themes using vegetative and earth/sky symbolism and it always enters my mind when I learn of some new aspect of development. I suppose the Tree of Life system imprints these same associations in one's mind. Though I haven't studied the latter system, I am starting to compare them all.

My living room carpet has a rose and red/white flower print delineated by squares of green vines, with white(ish) vines quartering these squares, the whole seeming to refer to the chemical marriage symbolism of alchemy. The carpet was re-purposed from an old casino floor.


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