The way forward? Listen to my interview with Jungian Analyst Michael Gellert on America's Identity Crisis!

Michael Gellert is a Jungian analyst practicing in Los Angeles and Pasadena. He sees individuals and couples, and offers a Jungian Writing Workshop. He was formerly Director of Training at the C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles and a humanities professor at Vanier College, Montreal. He managed an employee assistance program for the City of New York and has been a mental health consultant for the University of Southern California and Time magazine. Michael was educated in rabbinic Judaism, studied theology at Loyola College, Montreal, and trained with the renowned Zen master Koun Yamada in Japan for two years. He is the author of Modern Mysticism, The Fate of America (for which he received a letter of appreciation from Bill Clinton and which was given to Barack Obama by one of his advisors), and The Way of the Small(which received The Center for Spirituality & Practice’s Book Award for One of the Best Spiritual Books of 2007). His new book is The Divine Mind: Exploring the Psychological History of God’s Inner Journey. Michael’s website is

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