Do you have a background in depth psychology in any of its myriad "flavors," as well as some direct experience in facilitation, coaching, teaching, or guiding others in their learning journeys?

Do you possess strong collaboration skills and a capacity for seeing many sides of an issue?

Would you enjoy spending 3-5 hours a month strategizing with like-minded others on how to ignite and sustain the spark of creativity, connection and soul in 4,500 individuals around the world?

If this sounds interesting to you, volunteering on the Membership Experience Committee may provide a fun and rewarding opportunity to contribute to the Depth Psychology Alliance and the Anima Mundi!

This committee is charged with the responsibility of tending and enhancing the experience of our members. Among other things, the committee oversees and develops strategies around how to:

  1. Create and cultivate new ways to communicate with members and promote rich connection among members.

  2. Learn from our members what they most want from the Alliance, including what having a soulful connection and experience means to them and how we might provide it.

  3. Establish and support communication standards that: (1) ensure that posts and conversations align with the mission and vision of the Alliance, (2) allow for lively debate and exploration of depth concepts, and (3) are also appropriately sensitive to and respectful of all our members.

Does any of this strike a chord in you? If so, we would love to hear from you!

Please send a paragraph or two of explanation regarding why this volunteer group calls to you. Be sure to mention something about your depth psychology experience (whether formal or informal, academic or experiential, etc.). Email and (yes, both emails please) with subject heading: “Membership Experience Committee Volunteer.”

Thanks for your consideration!

Mark Sipowicz, Administrative Board Member

Depth Psychology Alliance

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