May News from Assisi Institute: Dr. Michael Conforti & The Assisi Institute Launch Programs in Russia, Australia & Columbia

May 7, 2015 – The Assisi Institute, an international psychological organization, founded in 1989 and recently re-located to Mystic, CT, is pleased to announce that it has accepted invitations to present the work and scholarship of Dr. Michael Conforti, founder and Director of The Institute and author of Field, Form and Fate and Threshold Experiences,  in Moscow, Russia, Bogota, Columbia, and Australia.   Dr. Conforti will be a keynote speaker (via webinar) at the Moscow Jungian Society Annual Conference where he will be sharing insights about his work in archetypal pattern analysis and field theory.

Discussions regarding the possibility of following this with further educational initiatives relative to the Assisi Institute’s course in Archetypal Pattern Analysis are ongoing.  Plans are also underway to offer the Assisi Institute’s course in Dream Patterning in collaboration with the Australian International Association for the Study of Dreams.  In addition, Dr. Conforti has been invited to bring his work in archetypal pattern analysis to Bogota, Columbia for a series of educational sessions with psychoanalysts living and working in that country.


The Assisi Institute is committed to the depth psychological study of patterns that shape psyche and determine the trajectory of individuals and organizations.  It offers inter-disciplinary courses in Archetypal Pattern Analysis, Dream Patterning, Patterns of the Creative Unconscious and the Patterns of Psyche in Trauma and Resilience.  For more information on Dr. Conforti’s lecture schedule and the courses and conferences of the Assisi Institute, visit or call:  (860) 415-5004.



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