Yes there are points in the individual horoscope that  have correspondences  in name, meaning  and placement of the gods and their stories/myths. These points are called asteroids. There is a book in which you may locate these and then transfer their positions to the individual horoscope. This book   is called an asteroid ephemeris.

These asteroids and the stories that they carry may then be integrated into the life and chart of each person. An advanced astrologer, having several  years of experience can easily do this and discuss it with you in a session. An understanding of mythology and the stories contained therein will facilitate a deeper discussion and also transfer and translate how these stories may or may not be alive,  within the life of the client .  Liz Greene has these points available on line in her site Astrodienst . Meditating on visual  images of these astro-gods and goddesses, I've discovered can also be very effective in activating interest,and furthering a synthesis of image/myth/horoscope. Gray Crawford, a brilliant astrologer, always includes gorgeous images of the gods in his  blogs in Depth Psych. Alliance . I think that may be so one may commune with the image that is being discussed. Or, try reading the myths and then dialoguing with the gods as active figures, in the form of an imaginal dialogue. Let it flow!

I am finding out, as are many others, that these points, or asteroids, are more potent than many of us have given them credit  for in the past.

For example we are seeing more and more, that they are not so minor after all, in the ways in which   their myths transfer metaphorically into that person's life, and are played out.

Demetra George wrote a very fine book entitled Asteroid Goddesses, that is highly recommended. She is really expert at the subject.

I have just written a blog about Hestia. You can find it on Word Press MUSINGS FROM DREAMLAND.

After reading James Hillman's piece on Hestia I became taken up with the notion that She is the Goddess that supports, and contains astrology. She holds and contains it and us WITH(IN)  her deep state of inwardness...Given that, I think she is the containing force within a depth astrology.

I hope this has illuminated your question some, and I always welcome these types of exchanges!

Best regards to all

Judith Harte

Images of Soul: Reimagining Astrology


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As someone who enjoys deep states of inwardness, I do find this discussion fascinating...Because of his placement in my horoscope I think that this inclination is due to Saturn. How would I know if I could be under the influence of Hestia too?

we are all in dialogue with all the asteroids and/or planets during the course of our lifetime. Different periods, ages, and stages of life call up more, or less , activity, involvement , interaction and movement between ourselves and the metaphorical narratives, and designs of our calling, personified in and by  our entire, individual horoscope .


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