Passing on this post from Colin E. Davis in the Depth Alliance Facebook group. Thanks for posting the news, Colin:

Jungian scholar Robert L. Moore has died. Perhaps those who knew and worked with him can comment and share their experiences. For me, his work was and is extremely beneficial to my own Individuation work. His work on the shadow is truly evolutionary and may be the most novel addition to that area of study since Jung himself. He has left a huge library of audio files, papers and books. His series on the four major archetypes of the male psyche with Douglas Gillette is incredibly profound and deeply useful. Thank you Dr. Moore for what you have done and left for humanity.

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As new information comes to light about the tragic deaths of Robert Moore and his wife, Jungian psychotherapist Margaret Shanahan, many are grieving and remembering the remarkable contribution these two made to the field of depth psychology. Our hearts go out to all their loved ones at this terrible time. 

Continuing thanks to Alliance member Jeremy Murray for posting these links in the  Depth Alliance Facebook group; Reposting them here....

Hyde Park psychotherapist couple greatly influenced those around them:

Dr. Robert Moore, by Rob Leveridge:

Another timely post from Colin E. Davis on Facebook:

Robert L. Moore was a profoundly gifted Jungian scholar who has died tragically recently. I, like others who never met him have felt the "transference" of his kingly energy and benefitted greatly. He was a psychic explorer of the highest degree of quality. He has left a literal treasure chest of transformational wisdom in books, audio lectures and in all of his teachings to his students throughout the years. You will missed Dr. Moore and you are loved. Equal prasie and blessings go to his wife Margaret Shanahan who passed with him.

Video: Robert Moore: The Dragon of Grandiosity

Look for an upcoming Depth Alliance Community Conversation led by board member James Newell on this topic in coming weeks!

when is discussion? Dr. Moore  also knew his shit. He'll be missed. Horrible about his dear wife as well. 

Hi Jeffery,

Sorry to say you missed a good discussion and and sharing on July 11. I will be posting some reflections in the next few days, perhaps you can share some of your own reflections there. Or feel free to do so here. I am sure others would appreciate. 

Warm Regards,


Mark, thanks. Hotter than hell here in Boulder last couple weeks. And to poor this summer to get out of Dodge. Yeh, that Moore thing really shook me. All these Cats I knew back in the late 80's and early 90's ( in New Mexico) were really into his writing. He was the real deal. The Little Walter of the Men's movement. If you're still in Boulder, email me with your phone. I'd like to buy you some lunch. I'm not into all this internet,text, tech, shit. I do the bare minimum. I write poetry and prose by paper and pen. And talk to people in person or on the land line. Hope your Summer goes well Mark, Jeff

Hey Jeff, thanks for the note. Spending time in California and Chicago with family and friends this month. Look forward to getting in touch upon return in August. 

Warm Regards, Mark

Take care Mark. Enjoy your family and friends in Chicago and Calf....Cooler this morning in Boulder.....Jeff


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