Jung's book Psychological Types is a scholarly masterpiece. But his theory of four separate psychic functions no longer holds water. Modern research finds that the psychic functions are not separate; nor are they antagonistic. I suggest a better theory here:

Intuition is the coalescence of the three psychic functions

M. Winther

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It is important for Jungians to tackle this issue, because faulty theory makes life harder for Jungian analysts. According to Jung, the thinking of the extraverted feeling type is "infantile, archaic, negative" (CW 6, para.600). According to his compensatory model, sophisticated thinking goes together with unconscious archaic feeling, or vice versa. In fact, research shows that a well-functioning intellect requires well-functioning conscious feelings. There is no such thing as a mature feeling type who has altogether immature thoughts. Nor is there a mature thinking type who has altogether immature feelings. Either conscious personality has mature feelings and thoughts or immature feelings and thoughts. (It's another thing that the unconscious always harbours archaic thoughts, feelings and complexes, which may disturb consciousness.)

Hi Mats - a bit of a delay responding to your proposal for a "better" theory regarding wholistic, three dimensional beings and I wholeheartedly agree.  Enjoyed your proposal, work and my area of passionate interest lies in altered, transformative states, ie death (near) experiences, particularly disembodied states.

Thank you  for your contribution.

Peace + Love Linda


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