Free transcript of my interview with Dr William Emerson on pre- and perinatal psychology!

William R. Emerson, Ph.D., is a renowned workshop leader, writer, lecturer, and pioneer in the field of pre and perinatal psychology.   He is among the first in the world to develop prenatal and perinatal treatment methods for infants and children, is an expert in treatment methods for adults, and is recognized world-wide for his contributions.  He is also co-president of APPPAH, the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, and has been on the Board of Directors for twenty years. He is the author of six books, five self-published, the co-author of Remembering Our Home (a Paulist Press book that integrates his work with the healing approaches of the Linns), and the author of 15 published chapters and journal articles in the field of pre and perinatal psychology.  He is also the writer and producer of four video programs.  He holds graduate degrees from Vanderbilt and San Jose State Universities, graduating with honors. He has held university appointments as Honorary Faculty, Director of Clinical Training, International Lecturer, and Assistant Professor of Psychology.   As an acknowledgment of his contributions to psychology, he received an honorary fellowship from the National Institute of Mental Health.  Dr. Emerson practiced psychotherapy for 25 years, specializing in psychotherapy and regression therapy for infants, children, and adults,  and lectured domestically and internationally on these topics.  Dr. Emerson is retired from the practice of psychotherapy and is  currently writing a book on spirit and soul wounding, finishing a book entitled: The Dark Side of Childbirth  and Its Effects on our Children (Stonebrook Press, June 09), and conducting  open workshops and training programs in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe. 

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David Van Nuys, PhD
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Good early morning David - thanks so much for this transcript.....I am so pleased, as a footling breech presentation, my mother hemorrhaging, we were packed in ice, awaiting a doctor to arrive, we shared a NDE and resurrection spiritual experience, I remained out-of-body to age 35, rude awakenings [sister + brother who were also breech presentations and we were deeply connected, kindred spirits both died]...I did not want to die early...children to raise...started coming back into soma, much trauma response contained within....found help/healing with Dr. Edward Josephs + Dr. Lynne Zettl @  Age 55 to 57 did SRT training and was healed [similarities to your techniques] grateful...downloaded all my accumulated trauma trauma vortex container was full...captured time good to be free of the birth and a few more NDE's along the way - great to be soma pain was always a gift to me and now - all is beautiful ...loved your interview...glad the helping professionals are finally being educated...the Cheek book is with Rossi and it's Mind-Body Therapy - Methods of Ideodynamic Healing in Hypnosis.  Deep regards Linda   


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