Soulful Presentations, Panels, and More! —FREE Livestream December 31

If you want to close out the year in a meaningful way, you may want to consider this LIVESTREAM EVENT on December 31st from 12-noon U.S. PT to midnight. Join Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association as they host presentations, performances, poetry, dreamwork, and soulful exploration.


At 1pm, I’ll be participating in a panel discussion called “From Sorrow to Soul: Finding Meaning in a Time of Loss.” Joining me will be Psychotherapist and Author of “Wild Edge of Sorrow,” Francis Weller; Jungian Analyst and Senior Climate Scientist, Jeffrey Kiehl, whose book, “Climate Change and the Future” offers a Jungian perspective; and with our very own, Educator, Counselor, and Depth Psychology Alliance Director, James Newell.


“Sorrow” comes from the old English "grief, regret, trouble, care, pain, anxiety." 2020 has certainly brought its share of these. Best-selling writer of Care of the Soul, Thomas Moore. writes, “Such a time pushes you to the edge of what is familiar and reliable, stretching your imagination.” Robert Romanyshyn, author of The Soul in Grief, suggests that “Grief, if it is endured, can restore to us a sense of the sacred and the holy.” This panel will engage in discussion of how we can work through these difficult emotions and allow the soul to express its deepest meaning.



Then, at 10:45pm PT, I’ll be back again to offer some reflections on “Leaning into your Soul’s Calling.” 


C. G. Jung suggested that the most critical question for humankind is whether we are related to something infinite or not. As we drop into stillness and look deeply inward, or outward into the profundity of nature, the answer becomes crystal clear. We can hear our soul beckoning us to our infinite potentiality. As the Sufi poet, Rumi, writes, “Sometimes you hear a voice through the door calling you…Turning toward what you deeply love saves you.” No matter where we are in life, our soul is always beckoning us to live more fully into our joy, creativity, and authentic being. Join me for a soul-centered exploration of the topic as we transition to the new year.

You’re also invited, starting now, to Tweet, Facebook, or Instagram your dreams for the coming year using the hashtag #ToastPacifica2021. See the schedule of events, or tune in to watch/listen on Facebook at or online at

See you there!

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