The Fool's Journey: Archetypal Patterns in Tarot on the Road to Individuation with Eva Rider M.A.

"If the Fool would persist in his folly, he would become wise" - William Blake

This video provides an introduction to the 22 keys of the Major arcana of the Tarot. A Depth psychological exploration of this profound system of images can reveal the soul's Initiatory pathways towards wholeness and its embodiment in the World Soul or Anima Mundi.

Eva Rider MA is a Jungian depth psychotherapist, workshop leader and lecturer whose work encompasses unveiling the dream and its relationship to myth, fairy tale creative process. Eva has studied western metaphysics for 35 years and incorporates Alchemy, Astrology, Tarot and Sacred geometry in her work with Jungian theory, dreams, fairy tale and myth through the map of the Hermetic Tree of Life. Eva is a graduate of The Marion Woodman BodySoul Leadership Training and is a Board Member for Depth Psychology Alliance.

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