A clip from The Way Of The Dream 1983. A film series by Frazer Boa featuring Marie-Louise von Franz. For seminars based on this series see http://msteer.co.u...

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Comment by Esther Waldron on January 25, 2013 at 4:45am

Hello Dr Conforti,

I smiled when I saw this post because Dr Marie-Louise Von Franz has been an absolute hero of mine ever since I first watched The Way of the Dream a few years ago. I transcribed much of the film series for a friend who was giving a university seminar about the series - a true labour of love, the words really sank in and I still remember quotes of the film by heart. Von Franz's magnificent mind, her wonderful sense of humour, and of course her written work continue to inspire me. And dear Fraser Boa (Marion Woodman's brother, no less :) brought out the best in her. I'm delighted to see also your posting about a seminar dedicated to Dr Von Franz - bravo! I'm clicking on the weblink to read the full details right now :)

Warm wishes,


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