Jung, The Arts, and Spirituality: Dr. James R. Newell in Conversation with Bonnie Bright

As a child, James Newell, who has played music with some of the great names in the blues world, suffered a life-changing injury after falling through a pane of glass. He found solace and healing in music, and as he grew older, in studying topics of a spiritual nature and the works of Sigmund Freud and C. G. Jung.

Jungian psychology, in particular, provides some valuable tenets through its emphasis on engaging with the unconscious, and James discovered a synchronistic correlation with devotional music James creates based on the poetry of Persian Sufi, Hafiz.

Join James R. Newell in conversation with Bonnie Bright, Ph.D., host of Depth Insights and founder of Depth Psychology Alliance, as James shares his own insights into the powerful convergence of Jung, the arts, and spirituality.

James is teaching an online course, "An Introduction to Jungian Psychology," via Depth Psychology Alliance, including a free bonus intro class September 24, 2016. Everyone welcome.

LEARN MORE/REGISTER for the course or free class at http://www.depthpsychologyalliance.com/page/jung-101-8-module-course

READ A BLOG POST about the interview: http://www.depthpsychologyalliance.com/profiles/blogs/jung-the-arts-and-spirituality-dr-james-r-newell-in-conversation-

FIND MUSIC from James at www.TheSongsofHafiz.com

LEARN MORE about James at www.SymbolsofTransformation.com or www.JamesRNewell.com

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