John Becknell: Warriors have Something to Give Back

In this excerpt from the interview, “Tending Soul with Military, Veterans, and First Responders: A Depth Psychological Approach,” for Discussions in Depth Psychology™, Ed Tick, Ph.D. and John Becknell Ph.D. discuss what Military, Veterans, and First Responders bring back from their difficult experiences in the field.
Ultimately, the goal of working with first responders and veterans is not about trying to “help” them. Each warrior has real gifts that are very much needed at this critical juncture in our culture. Because of what they have experienced at the “edge,” they have a “much sharper sense of what really matters, and a much sharper sense of what a healthy society might look like,” insists Becknell, and they bring back valuable information we need in our society today. Therefore, a key part of the work related to warriors is to wake up civilian society and help them realize not only do the warriors protect and serve, they also have great experience and insights from the borderlands.

Listen to the full interview or read an in-depth summary at

Learn more about the upcoming program, “Holistic Tending for Military, Veterans, and First Responders—Psycho-spiritual and Communal Support and Healing of Violent Trauma, Moral Injury and Stress” starting May 11, 2017, at Pacifica Graduate Institute:

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