DreamTending and the Global Dream Initiative: Dr. Douglas Thomas with Bonnie Bright PhD

This video interview features Depth Psychotherapist and Dream Tender, Dr. Douglas Thomas, in conversation with Bonnie Bright, Ph.D..

In this short interview, Dr. Douglas Thomas speaks with Bonnie Bright about Dream Tending, a process created by Steven Aizenstat, Ph.D.,, and it's application to the budding Global Dream Initiative, which engages a world ensouled and considers dreams as the voice of the earth.

Dr. Thomas is demonstrating Dream Tending in action on behalf of the Global Dream Initiative at Pacifica Graduate Institute's 40th Anniversary conference, Climates of Change and the Therapy of Ideas, which runs April 21-24, 2016 in Santa Barbara, CA.

Look for a web site with more details at www.GlobalDreamInitiative.com launching live on 4-21-16.

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Comment by Mr. Jeffery J. Rahn on May 22, 2016 at 6:57am

The amount of travel is a concern to me. Beginning in my early twenties I started bicycling ( touring) from Boise to Portland Oregon each summer. I'd give myself about a week going through eastern and central Oregon ( where I had relatives all of who are dead now). That gave me time to tend my own dreams and form a relationship with myself. It was a start. The carbon"footprint" travel leaves is rarely spoken of. That's because "jet set" travel and fast cars are part of the "hip slick and cool" plus it's not practical to bicycle everywhere though I endeavor to this day.  When I wrote this poem/prose I wrestled with the ending a bit. Now 8 years later I can see the struggle with my parents fighting was another example of the warring opposites that not only threatened to tare me apart way back when but also the tension which continues to this day. My solution back then was pretty intuitive ( if I don't say so myself). With the expectation of too much sunscreen I think I got "it" pretty right. I saw a picture recently of the big red head Bill Walton  bicycling through northern California. Old Walton was on to something as well. 

Scene Of  Love ( 1978)
I'm on a sojourn a quest. I've come to visit my Uncle Reed at his tavern in Long Creek Oregon.
Scared... I don't know what to do with my life. So I'm wandering.

A bit of an athlete I peddle my ten speed from Boise, Idaho through eastern Oregon
to meet my Uncle and his Indian (Native American) wife "Marsha" 

They are surprised to see me particularly on a bicycle 
Marsha cooks me up a hearty breakfast
as Reed and I talk about family

They can see I'm frustrated and filled with angst
but they are kind... a hallmark of my Mom's family

They are kind hearted and caring people.
Reed calls Marsha his Squaw as he tells me 
about salmon fishing on a remote ranch nearby

The John Day river makes its way through this part of the world. Cecil Andrus former Secretary of the Interior 
and Governor of Idaho has a family ranch nearby. My Uncle longs for a ranch of his own 
but our family is out of the ranching business. 

we're sitting in the back of the pickup in cheap aluminum chairs
sipping on beers we're a bit tipsy 
our defenses are down

headed from John Day to his tavern in Long Creek
I pretend I'm taking a snooze but I'm mostly feeling afraid
afraid of my future, my worth...my essential value as a human being.

What am I doing on this planet? I've had it pretending  
pretending to please others. pretending to be someone I'm not

I reach my hand to put it on my Uncles knee in a gesture of kindness and camaraderie
My uncle immediately grabs my hand and puts his arm around my shoulder

He says: " I love you" and " don't you ever forget it"
as if to emphasize his point he says emphatically once again:" don't you ever forget it"

Now I think about that day so long ago and realize 
I still have no dough or special gifts

My daughter is my only legacy and I've tried to give her the same message
It's so little but it's all I've had

My Mom and Dad were sad 
because they couldn't get past their fighting

I don't figure I've been much better 
but I've fought perhaps foolishly 
to find a way to hold on 
to that love.



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