This video was born out of my quest to build a rapport with a beautiful Brant goose who first visited me in the Dreamtime. In the dream, this goose was sitting on a tiny mound of earth situated in the middle of a small tidal pool. Upon seeing the goose, I immediately raised my camera to take a picture of it. But - before I could take the picture - the goose slid off the mound and began to swim away from me...toward the ocean. As I watched it swim away, I heard a voice saying, "If your pool is connected to the ocean, you will have life. But if your pool is not connected to the ocean, then you will have no life."

I sensed that my Dreamtime goose was inviting me to follow it into a more expansive relationship with Life...with the Natural World. To accept this invitation, I sought to develop an experiential rapport with physical manifestations of the Brant goose in the Awaketime. Through this experience, I arrived at the realization that engaging our Dreamtime animals in their natural habitats can awaken states of awareness where we are able to sensitively and sensually live in greater harmony with the Natural World.

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