Coming Home: An Age-Old Story Seen Through Soul Eyes--An Archetypal Perspective by Bonnie Bright PhD

Human beings are made of stories—the stories we have lived; stories that serve to guide us, and the stories that we aspire to create.

One ancient and archetypal story that each of us carries within is that of coming home. In mythology, the story of Odysseus offers a beautiful perspective on homecoming. Odysseus, who initially left his home to go to war, ends up being away for 10 long years, and the adventures that unfold as he continually seeks to come home—including the way he ultimately succeeds—end up changing his life forever. For Odysseus, and for each of us, the journey that leads toward coming home can result in regeneration of Self and constant new knowing…

This post is the second of two in support of Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association's annual Coming Home event, open to the public, happening January 16-19, 2020, in person or by Zoom video conference. Learn more at

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