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At 4:13am on April 12, 2016, Laurie Faye Schwartz said…

Dear Donna,  I woke up early today and I am very touched and moved by all that you have done to create an online community that is open and authentic and supportive. I thank you for your welcome and I look forward to more connection and collaboration. 

Warmly, Laurie

At 9:14am on April 5, 2016, Claire Savage said…

Dear Donna, 

I would love to join your Seeding the Soul Stories class, but am unable to attend the first session. Will this be a hindrance to my participation?



At 4:13pm on April 4, 2016, Melissa Williams-Pope said…

Hi Donna!

Thank you so much for your lovely welcome - I'm sorry I didn't see it until now. I really look forward to exploring and connecting. About to start my participation in my first teleclass with Kim Hermanson. :)

Have a beautiful day,

Melissa :)

At 8:17am on February 2, 2016, Bill Toth said…
Hi Donna,

Sorry for such a long delay in response. I think my membership expired. I donated and got things working again.

Hope you are well and look forward to the next event.

At 12:30pm on January 29, 2016, Anthony Santiago said…

Hello Donna!  Thanks so kindly for reaching out and welcoming me to the community. I look forward to learning from others and sharing my efforts as well. The site is fantastic and I am very happy to have found it. I hope to meet on March 1st.  Be well.

At 5:14am on September 26, 2015, Randy Westfall said…

Hi Donna, thank you and I appreciate the friend request. It was a wonderful experience. I am adjusting my audio as I had a trouble hearing all the input but I am notoriously hard of hearing. I hope to participate in more of this type of communication in the future.

At 8:55pm on August 22, 2015, Connie Habash said…

Thanks for the warm welcome, Donna!  It's great to be part of this collective.  I hope to submit an article for the ezine and other writing.  I'm sure you will, too!

At 2:59pm on July 13, 2015, Malcolm Timbers said…

Hi Donna,

Thank you for your kind comment. I wasn't sure how I would be received on this forum since I can be a troublemaker via the issues I make people consciously aware of. Especially that of the existence of a taboo against understanding what anorexia nervosa is actually about. I am pressing this issue because I am finding it next to impossible to launch the publication of my book project, The Queen of Wonderland, which explains exactly what anorexia is in itself aside from the obvious, which is nothing more than a smokescreen that hides the psychic process and overriding inspirations that are going on behind the scenes..

On my way here, I notices a window asking for a donation. I can make a donation but not via the Internet. I need a mailing address where I can send the donation. I do not have Internet service where I live. I only use the Internet at public libraries, so it is not good to send money via a public Internet service.

Although I don't live out in t boonies, I live a boondocks life style. I do not have television or Internet service. But I do have running water and electricity. Although I spend a lot of time analysing TV and movie films, I do so on DVDs, not a television, which would break up the concentration on the themes being presented with commercials.

I have been doing a series of analysis of The Walking Dead TV series because it is attracting a lot more traffic to my web site blog. The analysis of Gothic and dystopian fantasy series take a lot of time because they are full of psychological stuff that the author never intended to portray. I can't come here very often because I only go to town about 2 times each week.

Malcolm Timbers

At 5:50pm on June 16, 2015, Dorene Mahoney said…

Hi Donna,

Really looking forward to working with you on the board. Loved, loved, loved your reference to "Portals of Experience"!

At 11:40am on May 12, 2015, Zach Tollen said…

Actually, I'm looking for feedback on a couple lectures I self-organized and put on Youtube:

I call attention to these lectures because I consider them original contributions. I've never benefitted from any institution associated with depth psychology (through either credentials or connections), so it can be quite a burden having so many related ideas and essentially no feedback for them. Where on this site could I post to ask for feedback?

At 5:38am on April 8, 2015, Cathy Stubbs said…

Thank you Donna, for that welcoming email.  I'm looking forward to finding my way around and getting to know the site as I have time!


At 12:46pm on March 2, 2015, Maryse Uriodain said…

Hi Donna! Thank you for the warm welcome! I see that you are an alumni of Pacifica. I was admitted there last year for the Program on Mythology but unfortunately I have not been able to attend yet. I just moved from a rural area in Mississippi to New York and the adjustment to the big city is rather hard. I'm going through a very difficult period and I'm really happy to have found this community.:-)

At 9:18pm on December 3, 2014, Imogen K Salzman said…

Gosh Donna! Thanks for such a warm welcome. It can get a little isolated in the land of Oz when it comes to Depth Psychology and all things 'connected'. Thanks for encouraging participation and posting. I discovered you guys through Twitter - also a recent discovery. And ... I follow a gentleman called Jason E. Smith who is a Jungian Therapist and whose work and blog posts I have found inspiring. So I kind of followed Jason here in manner of Hansel & Gretel - without the bread crumbs, I am a Celiac.

I am taking a little time off from client work over Christmas and plan to go on lots of couch dates with Irvin Yolam. Hopefully I can squeeze in some trips to this Wonderland of Otherworlds.

Thanks again Donna,


At 11:06am on July 17, 2014, Cris Crawford said…

Hi Donna! I don't remember why I chose this image for this site - it seemed psychological I guess! I don't remember if I saw the original at a Yoko Ono retrospective in Denmark, or whether I saw it in a book that I bought after I got home. I don't seem to remember seeing it live, and I remember a lot of what I saw. I also use it instead of a picture on forums where I argue, and somehow I feel safe when I see those kitties with glowing eyes represent me!

At 7:54am on July 17, 2014,
Melitta Tchaicovsky

At 7:54am on July 17, 2014,
Melitta Tchaicovsky

Hi Donna,
Thank you very much for taking the time to write this welcome note.
English is not my first language. I am a great admirer of the writings of Jung as well as
Alan Watts. I really enjoy listening to his wonderful lectures on youtube..
How does this community appraise Alan Watts?

At 7:40am on January 18, 2014, Katherine Sternlieb PsyD, RN said…

Thank you Donna for your warm welcome. Although I am in a "traditional" medical model type of PsyD program, I have reached a point in my life in which I know that there is an element of spiritualism and soul to the psychology arena. I am intrigued by the sacred feminine, goddess mythology and the understanding of our feminine nature. I am excited to have so many great teachers, professionals and information on this site.

I had a little problem uploading my photo but put something up for now-a beautiful mermaid!- Katherine 

At 1:16am on January 18, 2014, Cris Crawford said…

Thanks for the invite - I hope you like my profile picture - I was looking for an actual picture of myself but found this one first. It is a work of art by Yoko Ono called "Bastet." I saw a retrospective of her work this summer and really enjoyed it. I love the format of this site.

At 12:18am on January 18, 2014, Eva Rider said…

thank you for adding me as a friend. It is lovely to make a new friend. Welcome to DPA

At 12:09am on December 5, 2013, Lara Tosh said…
Thanks for the warm welcome, Donna :)

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