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At 5:58am on May 15, 2018, Tom Stevens said…

Dear Linda, my sincere apologies for such a late reply, I've been very busy in my professional work and have only just today, re-activated my membership of the Alliance.  Thank you so much for your kind words about Lilith, I'll be in touch via a personal message over the next few days. 

Kindest Regards,


At 12:10pm on February 24, 2016, Leslie Nolan said…

Thank You Linda...

I appreciate you sharing your gifts and insights today!

Blessings to you!


At 9:52am on September 24, 2015, Paul DeBlassie III said…


for everything a season...yes...that includes dreams and dreaming especially when considering backgrounds of trauma..I've found that in the healing process for trauma everyone is so different, dreams emerging in different ways, no set pattern necessarily, although regular dreaming can be a great assistance and counting on dreams a solace. I've not encountered a complete cessation of dreaming as the result of trauma, but have seen that dream material can become supercharged, archetypal material often overwhelming until it has been understood, processed, humanized, dreams taking us into body/psyche..I respect your experience and healing process as having been and continuing to be vital for you..thank you for this is a unique one that I will continue to muse well...Paul

At 12:17pm on August 4, 2015, Paul DeBlassie III said…


Wonderful! Hope you are doing well, and I'm so glad we are back in contact :) Paul

At 6:48am on July 5, 2015, Paul DeBlassie III said…


Wonderful to hear from you. I'd been wondering where you'd gone. My blog is now . I switched from google to squarespace. I usually post them on depth psychology blog site as well. It's always a treat to hear from you. Inspirational depth psychology arising from lived experience personally and clinically continues to exert fascination. So, it's in this area that my inner muse speaks and encourages my writing. In case you didn't know, my novel The Unholy was awarded the International Book Award. If you feel so inclined, give it a read and let me know what your divine mind picks up. It's listed on Amazon. Again, always wonderful to hear from you.


At 5:44pm on July 3, 2015, Nina S. Ross said…

Linda, thanks for your kind words abt the sandtray image. love to you on the labyrinth of roads and curves, Nina

At 11:04am on June 14, 2015, Willi Paul said…

It is a hybrid energy that means peace + love from Willi!

At 7:36am on June 14, 2015, Willi Paul said…

Enjoy the Morning Light. - WOX

At 5:11pm on June 4, 2015, Randy Westfall said…

Hi Linda, thank you so much for your kind words. I always like the things you post and I have learned so much from everyone here.

At 1:40am on May 27, 2015, Angelino Tuksar said…

Thank you Linda for liking my pictures. Those trully were made in moments of utter anguish (which happen 20 times a
I tried to a give face to my inner torments. I wishing I had more beautiful material to work with.
Not long ago I made a film on Nightmares. Maybe you'd like to see it.

Of Nightmares and Daymares

Cheers !

At 12:13am on May 27, 2015, Eva Rider said…

Hello back to you, Linda.

Thank you for your moving and rich...the alchemical gold releasing from the broken shards. We are all whole and then broken and then made whole again, with the warmth of wisdom, understanding and Grace..

More later...I too, am a clinician. It is such a blessed calling. I am continually grateful and be a container and a witness for the process of change and sometimes of magical transmutation...I am reminded of Oscar Wilde's words...
"we are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.."

At 9:47pm on February 23, 2015, Eva Rider said…

Sorry that it took me so long to respond, Linda. I only just now found the email from you.
Sometimes, technology just stumps me. Anyway, lovely to be here with you!

At 9:33pm on December 3, 2014,
Education Institution
Alan A. MacKenzie

Thanks for connecting Dr. Thompson  I receive your hand in friendship.  I find myself drawn to JS Grotstein's writings about WR Bion's concept of "O" --- which seems to overarch "nameless dread," beta elements, the "thing-in-themselves," the noumenon, "absolute truth," "ultimate reality," and "reverence and awe."  My understanding is that Bion founded a new mystical science of psychoanalysis; a numinous discipline based on the abandonment of memory, desire, and understanding.  Bion seemingly viewed mysticism as "seeing things as they truly are -- without disguise".  He, like me, are/was preoccupied with the central question of "how do we know what we know"; especially in light of therapeutic "epiphanies".  Fascinating stuff….

I'm also deeply intrigued by the numinous aspects of male midlife ‘passages’; and Jung’s notions of a quest to find one's soul; at this stage of life, many males embark on all sorts of physical and spiritual pilgrimages, in an effort to find an ineffable something, a symbolical Holy Grail.

At 11:41am on September 15, 2013, Evan Hanks said…

Hi Linda, thanks! 

At 11:40am on April 14, 2013, Gunni-Britt Borden said…

Hi Linda! I thought we already were : ) but happy it is now official. Britt

At 3:22am on January 26, 2013, David Richardson said…

Thanks for the note. I have a cousin in Calgary.

At 1:29pm on September 28, 2012, kenneth holmes said…

Dear Linda ;Thank you so much,
Just one further comment,
I see other people as my reality,
Without them, I cannot really see,
They mean all  the world to me,
The  conscious mind is a mystery.
They know its history
Yet It baffles their scientific mind .
No answer to it,can they find, 
It leaves them completely  blind.

At 1:10pm on September 28, 2012, kenneth holmes said…

Yes Eighty two ; I write poetry every day, I paint pictures constantly,  I have three paintings I am working on at present ,
Every night I study ,
Last night played my book on Quantum physics 
During most of today I listened to Steve Pinker's book being read I have a Galaxy tablet

Fantastic !!!,' How the mind works' ,very interesting he is so lucid ,
I have my gym ,through a doorway ,I use my treadmill and rowing machine my exercise bike regularly and I play golf every week,
I can run like a 21 year old I have been told, my grandson main ambition is to be fit and active like me,at my age ,my friends love my paintings so do I and my poetry is praised too,
I love life ,and people,I am a great talker,
I am interested in other peoples minds,
Jung gave me a great start,I feel I am at the start of my life,
I question Jungs beliefs but agree with his opinion 
We know nothing for certain ,and we never finish learning,
I have changed  my golf swing after 40 years;
I have lengthened it now 
I won a match with a friend aged 64 ,who plays every day ,
I carried my bag he used a electrically driven trolley,
As I ran up a steep hill, just to impresses;  him he said "Ken you put me to shame ".
I came to your site because I am ever curious
And seek,to understand why Jung's wisdom is ignored by most people on the net 
My conclusion is that they are looking for what I have found,
Jung's god the fact,the obvious to me;

The god of the bible left Jung cold ,
Whereas  it leaves  me horrified ,that such a virus,could enter the human mind,
And how could they be so blind,
But I do accept they have no choice,and love them all so much,
And all of creation too.We live in an amazing Universe 
Filled with amazing people, and wonderful life forms,
I feel blessed to be among them,and it.

At 1:57pm on August 12, 2012, Bonnie Bright said…

Hi Linda. Welcome to the Alliance. I'm so glad you've found us, and apologies for the late greeting. I really love your quote about not being an island on our own. This community was designed to give people from all over the opportunity to come together in conversation, and the way it has grown seems to validate how hungry so many of us are for this kind of contact.

Meanwhile, as you may know, we currently have nearly 1500 members here from all over the world. I hope as you explore the community a bit you find a dynamic group of like-minded people who are all deeply drawn by the field of depth psychology. While there are many Jungian analysts and clinical psychologists here, our members come from many walks of life--artists, writers, doctors, healing professionals, counselors, students, business people, etc--so there is much cross-disciplinary knowledge and experience here to be shared.

Also you may want to consider participating in the online book club if you haven't already: In August we're featuring Deep Blues: Human Soundscapes for the Archetypal Journey about Blues Music, Shamanism, and Jungian Psychology with Dr. Mark Winborn. Since the Book Club is all done via writing in an open forum, you can participate at your own level and schedule.

Again, a huge thanks for your donation, and in case you need detailed help getting started and navigating the site, you can use the following link---- please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions at all! I look forward to seeing you around the community. ~Bonnie Bright, Founder

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