Our property on the Bay of Quinte is home to several species of native trees. In one area we call the glen, we’ve been witnessing an ongoing onslaught by invasive insects. Over a period of three to four years we watched helplessly as the ash trees slowly lost their battles to the Ash Borer Beetle. It bores pencil holes into the bark, then tunnels under it, robbing the trees of vital sap. Simultaneous attacks by tent caterpillars forced the trees to leaf out twice in the same season depleting their reserves.

The first tree to come down was a 60 foot specimen that was still mostly alive when we felled it. It came down with a heavy thud that shook the little glen, and sent my son and me running for cover.  We bucked the branches and left the trunk for another day.

Three nights later I awoke around 4:30 AM for a bathroom visit, and became wide awake afterwards. Since it was a mild October night, I put on my bathrobe and slippers in the dark, and decided to walk down to the glen to make a rare, early morning meditation.

As I descended into the glen I hit something. I had forgotten about the felled tree laying in the middle of the very dark glen. Even though my eyes were dark adapted, I did not see the branches lying on the ground until I walked into them. As I peered into the darkness before me, my eyes took in a faint ribbon of light stretching away from me for many feet into the night’s darkness. I had to take a few steps back to catch my breath and regain my balance.

Puzzled, I walked back up to the rim of the glen from where I could see that there were no patches of low-lying fog forming anywhere down in the glen. The night sky above was clear and starlit, and I could not see any sky shine from other ground sources. I gave the long sliver of glowing light a wide berth so as not to disturb it, as I walked around to approach it from another angle to see if I could discover its source and extent.  This time as I got closer, I could make out a soft grey-blue  glow hovering over the full length of the carcass of the tree. As my mind took in the significance of the scene my head dropped intuitively out of respect for what I knew in my heart was a lifeforce leaving the dying tree. I said some words of regret, and my body started to shake with excitement or cold, as I sat in quiet wonder.   

The glow disappeared as the morning light entered the glen. I rushed to the house to investigate the strange light on-line.  My cursory research suggested that the grey-blue glow fit the pattern for bioluminescence from decaying organic matter. The common name is Foxfire or Will ‘o the Wisp, and it was documented long ago. The usual sources are decaying matter and fungi, and the glow is so faint that it can only be observed if your eyes have been dark adapted. Apparently, the light is produced by a pair of special enzymes present in decaying matter which react with each other to release biophotons of soft light. After discussing the tree’s eerie glow with an experienced woodsmen and chemist, I chose the simple explanation that the light I had observed that morning came from rotting sawdust created under the ash bark by destructive beetle activity.

A few days later I started to dissect the trunk for firewood, and I noticed how thick the bark was, and how little actual sawdust had been produced by the beetle invaders. The amount of sawdust under the bark was trivial, and it just didn’t seem possible that so little organic matter could produce all the light that I had observed. In addition, the bark was so thick that it would surely absorb all the light photons completely. More compelling, was the sudden realization that the rest of the ash trees that were still standing were equally infected, but they did not give off any visible light emissions on that night. As the realization sank in; that the eerie glow over the dying ash tree was most likely its life force or spirit leaving the dying carcass, it sent a chill up my spine.

I consulted some of the top forestry research and management experts in Canada, who ruled out an explosion of the Armillaria fungus, that glows in the dark forest, and can spread over large areas of forest floor and acts as a communication system for trees. It became clear that the unusual glow could not be explained satisfactorily by natural processes. I reviewed my personal impressions as I witnessed the event, keeping in mind that my human presence in the glen could have perturbed the natural electromagnetic field energies present on that morning. The physical evidence I observed that morning informed me (mentally and spiritually) that spirits live  in trees. Why is there no documentation of this anywhere? Can only autistic eyes discern spirits and things that glow in the night? Now I see trees differently. Wherever there are trees, there is abundant life. They’re like living fasteners that connect the sky with the earth. Because they live in both worlds, they act as a conduit of communication between them.  

FMRI studies reveal that consciousness is still measurably present after the brain/body has died, telling us that consciousness is not the result of biological processes. Science supports the theory that trees have intelligence, because trees have been observed to mount organized defences against a deadly threat like invading insects. Planning and strategizing require creative thought.

When the rest of the ash group is felled this spring, they will hopefully provide more opportunities to study this undocumented phenomenon, perhaps with a night vision camera.

Shamanic and other spiritual cultures around the world honour and use sacred trees as: portals or gateways to hidden worlds, sources of wisdom, and even wish fulfillment. To name just a few, the Mohawks of North America honour the cedar as the sacred tree of life. The Caribe natives honour the ceiba tree, and West African’s have spiritual relationships with the iroko tree.

The visible light emissions coming from the ash tree trunk 3 days after it was cut down, proved to me with high confidence that trees have a spiritual nature that gives them life, and it can be observed and possibly documented under the right conditions.


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Comment by Steve Staniek on July 19, 2019 at 12:06pm

Jung's Red Wine or Reich's Swamp Water?

Synchronicity often shocks us into seeing the interconnectedness of everything.

Early in the 20th century, Carl Jung and Wilhelm Reich (former students of Freud), investigated the transition zone between life and death, using radically different methods, on different research paths.

Jung dove into the psyche, and his Red Book describes his mental journeys into those worlds, including the transition zone where life is renewed thru death. (P. 169)…”If we still want to overcome death, then we must enliven it. Therefore on your journey be sure to take golden cups full of the sweet drink of life, red wine, and give it to dead matter so that it can win life back…..and a night of wonderful will-o-the-wisps will come over you.”

[Note 1 -  Jung’s claim that red wine is the elixir of life may have been a personal choice, an unfounded guess?  Reich’s lab work, and my investigations into extraordinary water effects, reveal that dirty swamp water, indeed cesspools, may actually be the elixir, since they contain the necessary ingredients required to reconstitute life.  The physical transition zones, as one might expect, seem to be the graveyards found around the world. During their flood cycles, rivers of the world wash down the remnants of life on the land to their final destinations. These are the great deltas where biologically active swamps wait to digest the detritus of life, and release the life force energy it contained back into the larger system.]

[Note 2 – Jung’s specific reference to the “wonderful will-o-the-wisps”, refers to [the hope] of finding light in the darkness that envelops our journeys into soul. Unbeknownst to him, will-o-the-wisps bioluminescence is emitted by the decay or breakdown of dead or dying matter on the forest floor. Whether he was aware or not, he described what Reich had discovered with a microscope in the transition zone. Nevertheless, Jung’s prediction of being overcome with wonderful light when visiting the transition zone, is deeply synchronous (meaningful) to me, since I believe it’s the same luminous (wonderful) glow that I experienced coming from a dying ash tree in ordinary reality on my property months ago, and identified positively as orgone plasma, by orgone expert James DeMeo.

Wilhelm Reich on the other hand, dove into the lab in search of the transition zone. With optical instruments he discovered what other investigators had alluded to, ie: that the transition zone is a real physical place where life breaks down and reconstitutes itself.  He witnessed the process of new life emerging from old, following a period of digestion and reorganization, under the influence of what he called the universal life force, or orgone energy. With optical magnification, Reich saw blue bions of radiant energy that would cluster together to reorganize themselves into new life forms, or attack other cells that were clearly harmful to the organism.  In this primordial soup, chaos gives birth to order, as death becomes the mother of life.



Comment by Steve Staniek on July 10, 2019 at 9:42am


Borrowing or adopting other perspectives, in this case from the occult world of Tarot, can produce deeper understanding by illuminating those human experiences that we have trouble digesting by normal methods. 

The Tarot's 'Fool' undertakes perilous journeys thru the transition zone of life, where he/she experiences how spirit is alchemized into matter, and then returns to spirit again. The process resembles the ancient...Ouroboros, and orgone energy discovered by Reich, may drive this process.

Comment by Steve Staniek on June 19, 2019 at 6:17am

FINAL UPDATE: The Solution - June 19,2019

Human Vision into the Transition Zone

According to medical sources, the human eye has trouble with blue light. It’s harder for the eye to focus blues sharply, compared to other colours. Apparently, our eyes can easily focus on fine details in red or green light, but have trouble with blues. This could explain in part, why some people have difficulty seeing blue bions.

Photo 1 shows an abundance of blue bions in the water.

Photo 2 – when enlarged to 150%, reveals blue bions trapped in deep crevices all along the waterline. When the raised lip collapsed, many blue bions washed up onto the concrete.  The blue is so deep it seems to glow in normal daylight, and disappears when it evaporates from the concrete.


Orgone information has changed my understanding of environmental energies. When various  energies converge and interact, the resulting, reorganized energy pattern can produce some extraordinary phenomenon, resulting in unusual physical effects.

The following sources of blue bions have been identified as contributors to the bird water phenomenon:

1. Primary Source of Blue Bions - Detritus

The primary source of blue bions was the detritus, in various stages of decay, lining the bottom of the bird bath bowl. It includes: algae and its oily slime, waxy cedar leaves, bird oils and wax from their uropygial glands, bird poop, insects, cedar berries, seeds, pollen, etc. After a few days of use the bird water becomes swampy. When the dirty water is dumped out, some organic detritus remains stuck to the concrete bowl, and becomes a rich source of bions for the next bowlful of water.  

 2. Secondary Source of Blue Bions -Rainwater

Clean rainwater from a nearby rain barrel is poured into the center of the bowl. This rainwater is a source of atmospheric bions, captured during precipitation.  When this rainwater is poured into the center of the bird bath it mixes with, and collects all the detritus still left in the bowl. As more water is added centrally, it pushes the first water out and up the sides of the bowl. As the heavily contaminated leading edge of water moves along the bottom of the bowl it collects more detritus bions, increasing the concentration of bions in this band of water as it moves up the sloping bottom.

3. Tertiary Source of Blue Bions- Atmosphere

The atmosphere surrounding the bird bath is also a source of blue bions. The bird bath sits in a natural setting, in a shady grove of eastern red cedar trees who constantly release their bions into the air thru transpiration.

4. Orgone Activators – Human Bions and EMF

The human body is a source of blue bions, and the human heart is a powerful source of EMF. The heart field has been measured at a distance of 3 feet from the body. The human EM field is a significant factor in attracting and accumulating orgone energy.

5. Orgone Activators – Concrete EMF

Water is a reactive substance that absorbs energy and bions. Each offering of rainwater is accompanied by human spiritual energy that is deposited at the same time into the bowl. Some of that energy may be absorbed, and stored as electromagnetism. EM fields are known activators for orgone energy, multiplying the concentration.


My continued investigations into the 30 foot long luminous phenomenon that I witnessed hovering over a dying ash tree last October, revealed the presence and influence of orgone energy. This ubiquitous energy goes by other names; Chi and Prana, in many cultures, and it’s produced and emitted by blue bions. Enormous numbers of bions were concentrated on my property that night around the dying tree because the environmental conditions were optimal [naturally occuring EMF on the landscape, 99% humidity, no moon]. A review of my earlier research literature revealed that other extraordinary water effects on my property were also probably due to orgone energy.

My original question remains unanswered: If it was indeed a common but unseen fundamental lifeforce leaving that ash tree, and not a sentient spirit, does that mean trees are not occupied by spirits, or did I just happen to miss its departure?

Comment by Steve Staniek on June 14, 2019 at 5:54am

Not sure how the graphics work on this website, but if they allow the reader to "click and expand" this photo, what I believe to be blue bions will be evident all along the waterline on the concrete surface. These bions may have been released from the natural decay of leftover materials in the birdbath: eg: algae, leaves, insects, bird poop, etc, resting on the bottom. A gathering of bions seems to attract bions from other sources available nearby, ie: the immediate atmosphere.

Comment by Steve Staniek on June 12, 2019 at 10:30am

And here they are, those elusive little blue bions of energy...

After the raised lip (described in the preceding post) collapses into itself, the blue bions seem to have washed up along the waterline of the concrete bird bath, lingering there until the water evaporates to dryness.

Note how the deep, almost florescent blue colour that bion energy seems to produce under these conditions, seems to glow.

Birdbath Spiritual Centers

My bird bath serves as an outdoor altar, where I make daily offerings of clean water to nature. After 30 or more years of depositing a bit of my spiritual energy thru my heartfelt intentions at this altar, it has become charged with my spiritual energy, not unlike the great Christian altars that celebrate human sacrifice. This is my Chartres.  

Comment by Steve Staniek on June 11, 2019 at 7:51pm

Part 2 - Blue Bions Produce Extraordinary Birdwater Effects

Minutes after pouring untreated rainwater into an old cement bird bath, a well-defined, raised lip of water was observed to form all around the water’s edge.  The unusual effect was carefully photographed, and is presented here as an extraordinary water effect which I call the Staniek Effect, in the absence of other owners or public documentation of the phenomenon.

Photo 1 - Bird bath water forming raised lip all along the edge of water body.

Water Behaving Strangely in an Old Bird Bath

When I refill my 30 year old bird bath, I dump out the contents including any loose algae, and let it dry it out, before refilling it with rainwater from a nearby rain barrel. The surface of this cement bird bath is generally covered with a 1-2 mm thick layer of algae and other mixed debris. Once the algae layer dries out it appears to take a few minutes before it’s ready to absorb water again. As rainwater is poured into the gently sloping bowl it mixes with bits of loose debris as well as algae slime (a slightly oily substance) altering its viscosity. The growing body of water spreads itself out as it climbs the fluted sides of the bowl,  but its shaped is controlled by surface tension which produces a meniscus that is initially flat across the entire surface of the water as expected, but its edges are rolled down all the way around its  perimeter. As more water is added to the bird bath, the rolled edge creeps up the sloping sides.

Once the additional few liters of water have been poured, the water body attains a static state. In the next few minutes, as the algae absorbs more and more of the water body, the level of the water in the central portion of the bowl drops slightly,leaving a  well-defined raised lip of water all around the periphery. The water reorganizes itself, based on zones with the same density, and separating zones with very different densities with a seam of water .  

A raised lip structure appears and seems to hold up for more than 10 minutes, before collapsing, and becoming as flat as the rest of the water surface. 

Discussion: How the Raised Lip Structure is Formed and Maintained

As rain water is added to the mostly dry bowl creating a water body, the leading edge of water is rounded and moves slowly up the sides picking up loose algae and its oil, and fine debris. As It moves like a Tsunami wave, the accumulated debris raises the viscosity of the leading edge compared to the cleaner water behind it. Two areas with different viscosities have formed naturally, and are held initially by the same, or uniform surface tension until the water absorption at the bottom becomes significant. In a very short time the central body of water moves down a millimeter or more against the force of surface tension above which weakens but does not collapse. The lip area all along the rolled edge maintains its shape structurally because of a stronger original surface tension along the rim, which did not change. The well-defined lip structure maintained its shape for at least another 10 minutes, unsupported on either side.

I believe that the organizing force becomes weakened but not broken all along a line determined by the difference in viscosities of the water. The two surface tensions coexist in different parts of the same body of water, and there appears to be a seam of mixed water that separates and joins the zones of water.

Surface tension is a subtle force that seeks to reduce surface area as much as possible, not increase it, so this behaviour even for a few minutes is, I think, an extraordinary effect not documented on the internet.. The raised lip continues for a few minutes until the organizing force or surface tension weakens, releasing the lip structure, and all the water is now under one surface tension, and is free to spread out to the sides of the bird bath container.

Comment by Steve Staniek on June 11, 2019 at 9:48am


Orgone expert, Dr. James DeMeo, Director of the Orgone Biophysical Research Labs, (OBRL), is possibly the most active investigator in the field of orgone energy today. He has reviewed my article, and agrees that what I saw that night emerging from the dying ash tree was an interesting display of orgone plasma. How and why it happen, comes next.

When energy engages energy, it can produce something entirely unexpected, depending on the how the resulting energy organizes itself. It now seems entirely plausible that my presence (personal human energies) may have played a stimulating or catalytic role, in the interplay between:

i) orgone energies emerging from the dying ash tree,

ii) existing electromagnetic energies on the landscape,

iii) existing atmospheric orgone energies,

iv) other unseen energies?

It now seems quite possible that all these energies converged to produce a massive plasma of blue bions.

But this is not the only place on my property where I have noticed and documented blue bions occuring. In my next post, I will offer my investigations into blue bions observed in birdwater.

Comment by Steve Staniek on May 19, 2019 at 7:12am

This direction of enquiry seems to leads us to the pivotal question; is human vision controlled by design to blind us to 96% of the universe around us?

If we accept the increasingly popular opinion that we humans are able to see less than 4% of the physical universe around us, and we combine that with the fact that some humans are able to see what others are not, it suggests that human vision has been manipulated or reduced (optical blindness) to control the range of our abilities, and prevent us from seeing and understanding what is really happening around us. 

Comment by Steve Staniek on May 19, 2019 at 6:41am

This open pool nuclear reactor allows us to see a blue glow called Cherenkov radiation. Free neutrons in the core are absorbed by control rods that shape the neutron flux, which "shapes" or gives form to the blue glow. This glow has been easily observed and understood, until all the "magic" has been explained away. But there are other sources of blue glow out there that have not been investigated fully, and lack rational explanations.

Comment by Steve Staniek on May 19, 2019 at 6:09am


Was it the numinous I saw coming out of that dying ash tree, or was it just the everyday life force finally being witnessed by the right observer, under just the right environmental conditions, in a nature lab I had been operating for about 9 years?

In the last month or so, my investigative instincts (simple curiosity) have led me to drill deeper into this fantastic mystery, until I hit what could be the base layer of reality that seems to operate among us.

When I witnessed the grey-blue glow over the tree trunk last October, it did not seem alive. It was passively hovering over the fallen tree trunk which was laying on ground that I knew to be covered with a naturally occurring  electromagnetic field. My property sits on a patch of limestone, riddled with streams of underground water, producing  EM fields that emerge as energy lines on the surface. I had conducted dowsing surveys years before, and mapped the EM lines as they traversed the area.  

I was absolutely bewildered to discover that I was back on the path opened by Wilhelm Reich over 100 years ago. Who would have thought that my experience with glowing tree trunks in my nature lab would bring me face to face with the same phenomenon discovered by Reich under a microscope. Was I staring at a massive display of orgone energy, which had manifest spontaneously under the right environmental conditions? Are trees natural orgone accumulators, and if orgone is a life force, is it released during the decay process, as living matter breaks down into its constituent parts? We are all spirits inside these earthly suits, and we know intuitively how spirits behave. When I first saw the grey blue glow, a part of me recognized the phenomenon manifesting before me as an essential life force leaving the tree trunk, but it did not seem to be animated by any wil of its own, that might suggest the presence of a sovereign entity.

Why did my eyes see the grey-blue glow in the dark forest, when billions of others have probably been in the exact same situation without seeing it? Did my experience with Reichian bioenergetic therapy in my 20s, prepare me, or open me mentally somehow? Did my willingness to accept and engage orgone energy lower my optical discriminator settings, to allow more information in, so that I could see differently. Why do some investigators see Reich's blue bions in a microscopic slide, and others do not? Do we see what we believe? Does belief tune, or recalibrate our bodies (optical systems) so that we can access more information that is closed to those who do not believe? Is belief the key? Can only those who are unafraid to open wide, begin to see grey-blue glow of what Reich called the basic life force as it operates in the largely unknown region, the transition zone between life and death.

I'm waiting for a response from the American College of Orgonomy to learn:

1) if trees are good accumulators of orgone energy,

2) does my event fit the pattern for manifestation of orgone energy? 

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