When Culture Battles Spirit: An Archetypal and Depth Psychological Look at the Nature of Addiction

Addiction (of all kinds) has been described as “hell,” “possession,” and worse. The pattern of addiction is an archetype that has been around for millennia, but it certainly seems like our culture is more conducive to the iron grip of addiction in a multitude of ways including everything from the more traditional issues with alcohol, drugs, gambling, cigarettes, sex, food, or work, to new and emerging culturally supported issues like television, shopping, Internet, email, texting, social media, mobile gadgets, video gaming, and more.

Many of these categories might simply be labeled “entertainment”--and indeed there thousands of messages vying for our attention via media on any given day seducing us with their siren song of escape from our everyday lives.

Are our “everyday lives” so distressing that we must seek escape? It seems that things are moving faster than ever beforand the container that used to exist for earth-based, indigenous cultures who had options to deal with their troubles... (Read the entire post here)

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