I am an ex-senior science administrator and stored products entomologist; electronics inventor; ex-specialised kinesiologist and clinical hypnotherapist; now a psychic and (by the grace of God) a mystic, with science degrees in biology & psychology, also a B.A. majoring in sustainability.

I hold that we may only know through direct experience, all else being hearsay.  Of course even experience is subject to uncertainty, and is best reality checked-especially metaphysical experience.

My experience includes the permanent self-healing of an auto-immune disease suffered for 20 years (in part by ignoring the advice of medical specialists); direct contact with Angels and Cherubs, and many people supposedly deceased including my biological father.  This includes feeling their touch, and their metaphysical body.

Extrapolating from my experience, it is clear that most peoples' minds (or sensoria) are closed, presumably in response to childhood trauma.  Yes it is an adaptive response at the time, but is maladaptive in nominal adulthood.  There are few adults in our present society, and Freudian denial has been raised to a societal level-including of metaphysical levels of reality.  The discipline of psychology, in its attempt to be scientific, is in such denial.  Who said the scientific method is all there is?

Indeed, the Spiritual path not only requires personal surrender of the small self, but also to get out of one's head.  When more people are Self-realised, they will know and understand this fact.  Thus Enlightenment in Buddhist terms is nothing whatever to do with the intellect, and to try to become so enlightened is an exercise in futility: it is NOT done by oneself!

Enough already, perhaps.

Regards to all

Comments; questions welcome: 'followers' not welcome: all are brothers and sisters, no more and no less.

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