How Am I Like Yahweh-Jehovah?

A few months ago, blogger Barry Spector asked me a deep question on another blog, that I had not heard since Grade 1 catechism class…”How do I embody Yahweh-Jehovah?”

My internal Catholic robot, rusty from inaction, jumped in with: “We were made in the image of god, to know love and serve him.”….I believe Barry’s question was aimed more at my DNA, so maybe it’s the missing 10 strands of DNA that were shut down by our makers, but still present in our cells, that may be the basis of his pointed question.

The DNA evidence we study today suggests that Homo Sapiens Sapiens bodies were intentionally downgraded or dumbed-down from 12 original, to 2 remaining strands of DNA by our makers. The purpose was to limit our abilities, in order to make humans easier to control as servants/slaves. I speculate that humans are in fact as powerful as any of the angels or fake gods who have deluded humanity into believing and accepting that humans are powerless, unworthy, and absolutely need them to survive.

Since the answers to these deep questions are not available in mainstream knowledge, my search went deep into the occult world, to esoteric sources of information. Apparently, there’s an ancient ‘inside source’ to cosmic information, and his name is Thoth [Hermes, among other names]. As part of Yahweh’s Annunaki family, Thoth’s secret teachings may help us solve the great cosmic and Earthly puzzle that is Yahweh-Jehovah, [and all the other names he has used to deceive humanity over time.] 

Thoth’s secret instructions to humans seeking liberation from Yahweh’s spiritual prison are simple: “Reason separates the darkness from the light.” 

Yahweh the Great Deceiver creates endless delusions to trap us in spiritual confusion, ignorance, and darkness. As spirits seeking to ascend to higher levels, we become locked into Yahweh’s darkness by believing his delusions, ie: that we are unworthy sinners requiring salvation, which only he can provide. But perhaps his darkest attribute is his pathological demands for herem. It’s the destructive sacrifice of human flesh, not unlike ancient burnt offerings. Even his own son was not spared Yahweh’s bottomless narcissism, as he tried to have Jesus murdered to satisfy his ego. It ‘s been said that his ego may be controlled by even greater spiritual parasites known as archons who attached themselves to him when he went through a forbidden zone.

Apparently, we become attached, willingly or not, to others by etheric cords. Those cords must be severed completely before we can be free from unwanted attachments, and they often need to be severed many times to succeed.

Since “reason” will be our blade to separate the light from the dark, we must first sharpen the blade on the stone of truth, [sodalite] before burnishing it in the violet flame of transformation [potassium chloride]. Now we can use it to sever the cords to Yahweh’s delusions that have dominated and bled humankind for far too long. 

Severing Yahweh’s chords of attachment around our hearts and chakras ritually with appropriate words, frees us from his dominating delusions, allowing us to discern his thoughts entering our minds, from our own original thoughts. This is how we separate Yahweh’s darkness from our own light.

In order to see how I am like Yahweh, I need to establish his nature first. Today, when we wish to determine the character of a person we often use a criminal records check [CRC].  Since his followers claim that Yahweh’s bible is an accurate record of his behavior, we will examine his own records.

Why is Yahweh’s sales manual, [bible] so carefully written as to conceal his true identity and his past?  We never learn where he’s from, his true identity, his past relationships, or his long agenda. What we know, we’ve learned from other reliable sources.

Yahweh is an extremely long-lived, non-physical entity, leftover from the Sumerian civilization which was created by colonizing aliens who came here to mine Earth’s mineral resources hundreds of thousands of years ago.  Since he seems to have no physical presence here, he appears to operate thru his devoted minions, whose physical bodies provide him with vehicles, not unlike Voltemort in Harry Potter. Yahweh’s most devoted servants, ie: his priests, nuns, ministers, etc… offer up themselves every day in fervent supplication, to become willing channelers of his dark energy, and to support his parasitic hierarchy that subsists on negative human energy.   

Yahewh’s Criminal Career Begins in Egypt

The records available do not inform us of Yahweh-Jehovah’s activities between the time he left Sumer where he was part of the royal family that ruled the Annunaki colonies, and his appearance in Egypt where he went shopping for a nation to control. There, he met Moses, and the Great Deceiver fooled Moses into believing he held real estate full of milk and honey that he called the Promised Land. He offered Moses a “love for land” deal that was an outright scam, because Yahweh had no lands to call his own. Nevertheless, he was able to seduce Moses into turning the Hebrews into a fighting force so they could steal, or take what Yahweh wanted with organized violence. Yahweh set his newly chosen people on the criminal path of armed robbery, and home invasion, a form of terrorism we call war.

In Egypt, we get an early glimpse of Yahweh-Jehovah’s criminal pathology, a degenerative mental disease that has turned him into a destructive pedophile. It’s a mirror disease that changes a victim into a villain later in life. The pattern suggests that Yahweh was abused as a child. Yahweh became the  “The Hidden Destroyer of Little Children”, as he murdered Egypt’s children, a pattern that he would spread across the globe over many centuries going forward. There was no trace of compassion in his deeds.

This is what the LORD says: “About midnight I will go throughout Egypt. Every firstborn son in Egypt will die, from the firstborn son of Pharaoh, who sits on the throne, to the firstborn of the slave girl, who is at her hand mill, and all the firstborn of the cattle as well. There will be loud wailing throughout Egypt—worse than there has ever been or ever will be again."

— Exodus 11:4–6


The meaning of the Hebrew word “herem” becomes clear when Yahweh attacks and sacrifices Egypt’s first born sons with unseen evil in the night, in order to get what he wants. Yahweh “sacrificed” Egyptian children to his hierarchy of parasites, under the political cover of freeing the Hebrews. He would repeat this act of genocidal sacrifice (herem) in Jericho forty years later, when women and children were destroyed by his merciless hand, and not the hands of Hebrew warriors, in order to satisfy the endless appetites of his parasitic hierarchy circling overhead. Like an enraged psychopath, Yahweh then burned Jericho to the ground, to savour the flesh of his victims, as well as their spiritual energies.

There’s written evidence that the Hebrew wise men rejected Yahweh’s seductive offerings at first, because they were concerned about his immoral, unethical, and destructive behavior. The bible states that they roamed the desert for 40 years in great confusion, during which they agreed to Yahweh’s demands for worship and obedience. They also agreed to herem their male foreskins to Yahweh as a token of their submission to his demands for flesh and blood.  Yahweh’s appetite for child suffering would have to be appeased by other nations. 

When Israel failed to grow into a military powerhouse, Yahweh abandoned Israel, and eventually found a partner in the violent conqueror, Constantine of Rome.  As we know, Constantine reinvented Jesus and Christianity to suit the state of Rome, and he and Yahweh spread Constantine’s Roman Catholicism  around Europe through centuries of violent conversions. Victim nations in Europe became villains, [here’s that pattern again], and infected the rest of the globe with Christian terror.

 More recently, the Christian residential school pogroms in Christian empires destroyed the natural faith of indigenous peoples through their children. Many millions of innocent children were spiritually terrorized with a destructive, vengeful omnipotent god that condemns them to everlasting hell and suffering for not accepting him into their hearts, or not obeying his rules. This form of spiritual rape was practiced for hundreds of years across Christian empires to this day.

Yahweh’s acts of malicious infanticide were intended to terrorize Egypt and its lawful authority, and it teaches us that there are no limits to Yahweh’s destructive need for power. It establishes the fact that Yahweh has no moral or ethical code. This must have shocked the Hebrew wise men of the day, and they must have wondered what kind of destructive, monstrous entity has attached itself to them.  

A healthy, loving, caring spiritual leader would have lifted his newly contracted chosen people up onto a high road of spiritual ascension, instead of leading them into the criminal darkness of land theft through genocide.  Yahweh displayed an absolute dearth of respect for life, love, and compassion, the characteristics of a beneficent entity.  Instead, Yahweh led his newly contracted people into destructive colonial terrorism, or the use of violence and threats of violence to gain political control over indigenous people and their land wealth.  The founder of Israel led his chosen partners into violence and colonial terrorism, as he forced them to train for military aggression against others.

Why Yahweh Hides in Darkness

Though he commands the hearts and minds of a billion humans on Earth thru the three violent religions he launched in the Middle East, Yahweh-Jehovah’s lack of a physical presence on Earth is very telling.  Either he’s been banished from physical Earth by a higher authority for past transgressions or bad behavior, or he chooses to remain hidden because it’s his nature to deceive, confuse, and manipulate us in the darkness of ignorance that he creates. He goes by many names, but the cosmic grapevine calls him the Great Deceiver. I see his physical absence here as a cowardly strategy, and wonder why humans trust an entity they cannot see or know, or an agenda that is hidden from them, like the Europeans of WWII who were led blindly into Nazi gas chambers?

Exploiting the Pineal Communication System to Bypass Our Free Will

The Annunaki who manipulated the DNA of the local biped thousands of years ago to produce human slave workers for their mining operations here, designed them with pineal gland communication systems in order to control their slave workers. The evidence can be seen in Sumerian carvings depicting a Sumerian god holding a cone shaped device near the head of a servant.  They monitored and controlled their spiritual slaves thru their pineal glands, a biological transducer often called the seat of the soul. Yahweh interferes with human free will by sending us constant messages that sound and feel like our own thoughts, as they try to control us. They seduce us into believing that their thoughts are our own. They convince us to harm ourselves and others, so they can feed on negative human energies:  fear, hate, arrogance, loathing, misery, confusion, doubt, despair, violence.

No Divine Love from Yahweh the Deceiver

The pivotal question now arises. Is there any evidence of love for humanity in the entity Yahweh-Jehovah? Unfortunately, there is not one instance of altruistic love recorded anywhere in the bible inspired by Yahweh the Destroyer of Innocent Children. Any love that Yahweh has for humans is the same kind of love a farmer may feel for his livestock. It appears that we are indeed his sheep, but the kind that you exploit for food.

Yahweh’s Sales Manual

Sales manuals are written with propaganda and very little truth. They’re not written to inform, but to impress, frighten, and convince the reader of the author’s power and reach. The bible is rife with lies and deceit, but it also reveals Yahweh’s true nature, which unfortunately exposes his insane criminality.  

To put Constantine’s bible into a non-Christian perspective, it is a carefully edited and re-edited  compilation of political lies and half truths,  told by the greatest deceivers of all time.  It is a classical example of a very complex ego |Yahweh-Jehovah], trying to create and establish the semblance of   legitimate domination over his followers, through fear. We find classical examples of stroking the divine ego, fear mongering, cheap advertising, cheap threats and warnings, and enough editing patterns to recognize that it has been repackaged and edited a few times for political reasons. How much is accurate history, is not really important.

To non-believers, the bible is political fiction, a compilation of Yahweh’s vengefully violent exploits [Jericho, Egypt]and abusive relationships driven by fear [Hebrews], instead of love. It reveals his criminal nature; his great sociopathic narcissism that drives him to commit ongoing crimes against humanity. His highest crimes are against innocent children, which continue in the form of forced circumcision of infants… millions each year.

The Day of  Yahweh’s Vicious Attack

In another blog, I describe my teenage experience in French class in a Catholic high school. A Catholic Redemptorist priest rabbit punched me in the back of the head, driving my forehead down onto my wooden desk. It was a day when my Tourette’s got out of control, and I had disrespected his priestly authority in a Christian place, so he felt justified to attack me with a vicious blow to the back of my head. He concussed me, and when I came too, the rest of the class was looking at me very concerned. It sent me into a downward spiral. He had attacked my Tree of Life, and it eventually sent me to hospital, destroying what was left of my youth.

It took a lifetime to sort out the real players in that high school scene, over 50 years ago. The priest-teacher was also a boxer, and knew the consequences of his blow. I now believe in my heart that he did not intend to hurt me as severely as he did, and that he did not deliver the extreme blow alone.  Priests have a deeply serious relationship with Yahweh, and each day they open themselves to him as gateways or portals. Yahweh’s history of extreme destructive violence suggests that he struck the blow to my head in a moment of wild rage, not unlike his attacks on billions of other humans.  

Since the 1960s, news of child molestation by Yahweh’s servants [mostly priests] has been emerging, and growing each year. His preference for innocent children [unblemished], is well documented. Each devoted priest, nun, or minister, who submits his or her will to Yahweh, becomes a channeler or gateway for Yahweh’s energy to be present among us.

I now believe, that when Yahweh’s priest hit me in the back of the head, it was Yahweh’s energy in that hand that drove my head into the desk, and not the priest’s.  It brings to mind the scene in Harry Potter, when he is attacked as a baby by the unseen villain Voltemort. They become entangled for life through an unknown process of soul sharing. 

Did Yahweh and I really become spiritually entangled through his violent physical blow to the back of my head? If he can read my mind, can I read his? This could explain a lot of my confusion.

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