For those interested in exploring the Tarot in the context of Depth Psychology, I've two very worth-while texts:

 > Tarot and Psychology : Spectrums of Possibility, by Arthur Rosengarten. He discusses the Tarot in how it relates to the concept and experience of synchronicity, and how the Tarot can be used (like the I-Ching) as a source for guidance and counsel
 > The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages, by Paul Foster-Case. An in-depth analysis into the major arcana of the Tarot - from a Kabbala-esque perspective - the art work and colours used to depict the symbolism is beautiful...numinous

If anyone picks up on this, let me know how you get on with the book(s)...maybe a topic of focus for the Book Club...?

Happy Individuating, 


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Comment by Richard Lamb on February 9, 2012 at 1:53am
Hello Kay...pleasure to e-meet you. I'm happy to share my dream(s) insights for your own inner work. Rather than solely analysing the potential meanings of a particular dream, apply that Self-given intuiton...allow the cards to work you...your second comment is spot on money :)

Utilising conscious and unconscious minds in concert, that is analysis and synthesis, the meaning...the wisdom from the Self...will emerge....if you're open and trusting of your unconscious mind.

Hope that helps until next time :)
Comment by Susan Voss on January 15, 2012 at 8:47am

Interesting - I'll have to check them out.

I might also add two of my favorites:

Jung and Tarot An Archetypal Journey by Sallie Nichols and

The Jungian Tarot and its Archetypal Imagery

Cheers! Susan

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