One of the best stories from the Land of Nowhere concerning the rainbow is the Norse saga of Bifröst. Bifröst is the bridge that links Asgard, the home of the gods, with Midgard, the world of humans. The gods traverse Bifröst on horseback, moving between earth and heaven. The Rainbow Bridge stretches from this world to Himinbjörg, "heaven mountain," home of Heimdallr, the watcher of the bridge. Heimdallr is a god who is equipped with a mighty horn to warn of Ragnarök, the death of the gods and the end of the world. The bridge will be  destroyed when the sons of Muspell, a race of giants, ride across and trigger the end of days for gods and men.

The Rainbow Bridge

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Comment by Mark Dotson on July 13, 2017 at 5:34am

Thank you, Eva. I'm glad to be here. And thank you for being a faithful reader over the years. :)


Comment by Eva Rider on July 12, 2017 at 8:44pm

Thank you Mark.

Welcome to Depth Pschology Alliance.

I am so glad you are here.

I have been enjoying and sharing your work for years.

with appreciation,


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