As this is my first post, let me introduce myself somewhat. I am 23, and I am only beginning to open my eyes to the world. I am a few months away from obtaining my bachelor of arts degree, here at the beautiful, Australian bush surrounded campus of my university. My present extra-curricular research project is into the very depths of the feminine mind. My interest is specialised to a woman's experience, simply because I feel it is the mystery rightfully available to be delved into and sought by a woman, or girl. This path is branching out into many directions: mythology from the ages of Heroes, legends, and cultural archetypes of all kinds from the mythological goddesses to the present day icons of femininity. It is only the beginnings of a path, but already the depth of the mystery makes itself fully known in my awareness.

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Comment by Jenna Farr Lugwig on September 1, 2012 at 1:51pm

Your journey sounds like an exciting one, Fin! I wish you much joy on your path...

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