The Dark Side of Religion

The dark side of religion was exposed in a recent New York times article entitled "An Antiquated Abortion Law in Ireland"! The writer admitted that religious faith had been manipulated, sexual abuse justified. She detailed how women's rights have been neglected and abused by organized religion. Human psychic functioning and well being depends not on neglect or abuse via guilt and fear but on freedom!

For over thirty years I have been treating individuals suffering from the ravages of religious abuse. With patient healing, facing hard truths and making critical decisions, they often find their way out of the winding and dastardly tunnels of human unhappiness. This requires turning inward, to the realm of the mythopoeic, deep regions of soul.

Story telling plumbs facets of mind inaccessible to waking ego consciousness. Consciousness and healing can be facilitated by entering imaginal realms. The Unholy (Whiskey Creek Press 2013), my first  novel, explores the dark side of religion. A young curandera, a medicine woman, is engaged in a life- and-death battle against an evil archbishop. Set in the mystic land of Aztlan, visions, dreams, and intuition guide the seeker to confront hidden, destructive forces. She comes face to face with the shocking truth that life and freedom depend on battles fought and decisions made.

Follow me during 2013 for a year long reflection on the theme of the dark side of religion!

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