The Cosmic Story: Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, June 4, 2012

Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse, June 4, 2012


Gemini, the sign of the Twins, exemplifies how the Mind perceives the world as a play of opposites: light and dark, man and woman, left and right, good and bad, spirit and matter, life and death, yin and yang.  Tao says that these opposites contain a spark of each other.   What appears to be separate is really related.  The best way to understand an opposition is to see that each side complements and balances the other side to create a greater whole.

The full Moon is an opposition between the Sun and the Moon, a moment in their cosmic circle dance when they face each other fully.  It’s interesting that we read the result of that dance on the face of the feminine Moon rather than the masculine Sun.  The Moon records what the Sun’s been up to.  The Moon releases what‘s unconscious in the psyche.  The Moon draws our eyes and opens our imaginations to what could be.  Thanks to the life-giving light of the Sun.   

Astrological signs come in opposites too.  The loner Aries is balanced by the partner Libra, sensual Taurus with passionate Scorpio, intellectual Gemini with wise Sagittarius.  There are 12 signs and the 6 pairs of signs create a dynamic that keeps them on their toes.


For the rest of the Cosmic Story, please go to:Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse

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