The Cosmic Story: Gemini Lunar Eclipse 2012


          Eclipses occur because the planes of the Earth, Moon and Sun come together at two nodal points in space.  We call these points lunar nodes and they stand opposite each other.   A double triple crossroads, if you will, between different states of being or different dimensions of reality.  Since triple crossroads mark fateful forks in the life’s journey, eclipses mark points where choices make a difference. 

Over time, these two lunar nodes move backwards through the zodiac and constellations.   Astrology holds that the North Node points to the future, while the South Node points to the past.  The choice offered is, do we move forward into the future or continue to cling to the past?    

From March 2011 to September 2012 the lunar nodes were in Sagittarius (North) and Gemini (South).  The cosmic lesson entailed transforming the Mind: from a too narrow mindset to a larger, expansive Truth, from old prejudices to more inclusiveness, from old stories about how the world works to new stories about our place in the Earth’s ecology.  At this last eclipse in the series, we get to see how far we’ve come in our personal task of transforming our mind.

With Sagittarius, the search for Truth and Cosmic Law is paramount. In Gemini, all the myriad facts of life fascinate the mind, which wants to put them all into categories to better remember them.   Gemini believes that all knowledge is worth having, even if it doesn’t move us toward the truth of the matter.  That’s why people can manipulate facts to suit their needs.   Sagittarius moves beyond knowledge to gnosis, believing that the experience of knowledge leads to the discovery of Truth. 

This lunar eclipse offers us a chance to look at our old beliefs, old paradigms and old inner stories and see how small they’ve become for who we are now.   This eclipse can mark an end to indecision, since Gemini can be the most indecisive sign of the zodiac because everything is so interesting.   Once the Gemini Moon offers us a glimpse of what our old thought patterns hold onto, the Sagittarius Sun can forge our intention to find our inner Truth. 

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