The Cosmic Story: Cancer New Moon - Values to Live By

The Cosmic Story:  Cancer New Moon, July 19, 2012: Values to Live By

Love the earth and sun and the animals,
despise riches, give alms to everyone that asks,
stand up for the stupid and crazy,
devote your income and labor to others,
hate tyrants, argue not concerning God,
have patience and indulgence toward the people,
take off your hat to nothing known or unknown,
or to any man or number of men,
go freely with powerful uneducated persons,
and with the young, and with the mothers or families,
re-examine all you have been told in school or church or in any book,
and dismiss whatever insults your own soul;
and your very flesh shall be a great poem....

Preface to Leaves of Grass (excerpt) -- Walt Whitman


The Sign of Cancer

The zodiac sign of Cancer is the Cosmic Womb, Mother of all, the place of gestation and inner growth.  The constellation of Cancer is a nursery of galaxies. The creativity of Cancer is not limited to physical birth, however; the seeds Cancer gestates are creative seeds, the forms diverse and individual.  Cancer is associated with the waters of life, and its creativity lies in all aspects of life – biological, artistic, imaginative, practical, and mystical.  Cancer is our creative matrix: Cancer contains the powers of creation and destruction, life and death. 

The power of Cancer lies in the Moon, in its ability to give form and shape to the seeds of life.  While the Sun symbolizes Consciousness, the Moon symbolizes the Unconscious, both our unconscious behavior patterns as well as the magical cauldron of the Collective Unconscious.  The Moon’s light comes and goes, imaging the lunar consciousness of Feminine Spirit’s mystery and potential.  The Moon’s energy is related to our emotions, our intuitions and our need to nurture.  Like the tenacious Crab (watch out for her claws!), which is the symbol for Cancer, we tend to form strong emotional attachments to the things we create.  

Cancer can give rise to positive mother-love, the much-needed bond a child or a project needs to thrive; giving support to the child’s development, talents and goals.   But like the playful, shifting moonlight, pure light can turn to darkness if we hold on too long.  The mother needs to let go at the right time for her child to mature, or the child gets stuck in the negative Mother complex – the dark, devouring Mother who is never satisfied.  The Moon teaches us the rhythms of attachment and release, of ebb and flow.  The waters of the Earth, and of our bodies, dance to the rhythm of the Moon.


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