Most of us are drawn by simple curiosity to Edgar Cayce’s readings, to discover what the world famous sleeping psychic saw while in a trance state. And Cayce often encountered spirits, as he states in reading 3744-1: "The spirit of all that have passed from the physical realm…remain within this sphere… There are thousands about us here at present." Cayce talked about spirit possession, and informs us in reading 5753-1, "Discarnate entities… may influence the thought of an entity." In reading 638-1, given for an elderly patient suffering insanity, Cayce declares: "We have possession."

Cayce’s lifelong Christian conditioning probably created the religious framework and perspective for his readings. Christianity comes with rules and consequences, and is therefore a form of spiritual regulation or governance based on the absolute belief in the reality of unseen spirits. The Christian spirit world consists of: three spirits combined into one divinity at the apex, with countless orders of spirits below. These are divided politically into angels and demons, and their influence over us is easily demonstrated by the difficulty we have in eliminating them.

When a high spiritual healer like Jesus the Essene decided to launch his public career, the bible states that he first had to spend 40 days and nights in the desert just to cleanse himself of his own demons. The story suggests that our common lives are rife with unseen spirits. Indeed, casting out demons was central to Jesus’s  ministry, as the bible records many exorcisms. His strongest admonishments to his followers were to grow stronger faith in order to heal by exorcism.

Broadly speaking, exorcism is the freeing of a:person, place, or object, from some form of negative spiritual influence. Many ancient cultures including shamanism developed local forms of dealing with unwanted spirits, suggesting that the problem of spiritual interference is universal and timeless .

I discovered quite by accident that there is a natural clearing process, or spontaneous exorcisms!

In retirement, I finally found the time and courage to dig into those extraordinary but undigested experiences that I had filed away as: “Crazy stuff – Do Not Open!”.

My first crazy vision came in my twenties, after a weekend of intense therapy where I had released a great deal of emotional pain around my childhood fears. Back at work on a bright Monday morning, I was walking across campus to get coffee when my thoughts returned to leftover feelings from the weekend. I began to reconnect with the long-forgotten warmth deep in my belly, and I allowed the feeling to grow into an uncharacteristic light heartedness. A young couple walking a hundred feet ahead of me stopped to embrace before parting. I felt a surge of joy as I watched their affection manifesting before me. Suddenly, I noticed a large plume of dense grey smoke rising up quietly and quickly from behind my head. I started to panic as I saw it begin to emerge, thinking that I had gone too far. I feared that I had allowed my new gut feelings to open far too much, releasing something completely bizarre and ominous from the depths of my psyche. Had my feelings taken on a physical form? Like a dark, eerie shadow it rose up over 10 feet, still connected to me by its tail, before launching itself forward directly towards the couple. As the plume of smoke flew towards them, it grew two large arms of grey smoke which opened to enfold the couple, and then disappear into their bodies. As soon as it had left me physically, I realized it was probably not really a part of me, but where did it come from? 

The event was over in seconds. No one else seemed to notice. I was stunned with disbelief, but knew intuitively that it came from a hidden world. It’s sudden appearance was frightening, but I felt good afterwards. It would be forty years before I would see the smoky creature again, and another three years before I would arrive at a positive identity on the entity.

My wife and I retired to the country where I had my second crazy vision. I began to meditate outside, where I developed a spiritual ritual in which I would raise Gaia energies from the ground using Qigong patterns. One sunny afternoon, as I was walking to my mediation spot I started to prepare myself mentally, when I stepped back suddenly to avoid a small but nasty prickly ash tree.  As I stepped back into a patch of sunlight, a man-sized plume of dense grey smoke jumped out of me, from behind the left side of my head, and flew ahead of me down the path.  It rushed past me so quickly that I mistook it for a person, and I called out: “Hey”, as it flew past me down the path. I sensed that Old Smoke was in a huge hurry to be away from me. This time I sensed a greater intimacy with this shadowy apparition, like an old acquaintance. I felt confused but strangely elated.

In the 40 years between sightings, I had grown to accept that Mr. Smoke was my shadow self, a concept promoted by Carl Jung, in his book, Modern Man in Search of a Soul. Jung’s shadow self is the dark part of our personality that we reject in order to survive in our society. He states:The most intelligent man may at times be obsessed with thoughts which he cannot drive away with the greatest effort of will. We only believe that we are masters in our own house because we like to flatter ourselves.” Jung instructs us to embrace and own our dark side, in order to achieve integration of self, and bring an end to internal wars.

Today, the Catholic Church’s leading exorcist in the USA is Dr. Richard Gallagher. As a board-certified psychiatrist, and professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University, he walks a fine line between mental health and demonic possession. He’s breaking down biases held traditionally by conventional medicine, as he claims to be the USA’s premier “demonic consultant”.  He bases his declarations that demonic possession is real, on first hand observations, and a growing body of empirical evidence. He claims to be able: “to spot demonic possession” and discern it from mental illnesses. Because of his Catholic faith, he works with the Catholic Church to help clear harmful demons from humans, and reports that demand for exorcisms in the USA is increasing. In just one decade, the Catholic Church had to expand its national team, from 12 to 50 exorcists because of increased demand. He admits that religious exorcisms often need to be repeated many times in order to succeed.

Neither Cayce’s cosmology, Jung’s scientific model of the human, nor Gallagher’s combination of Christianity and science, were able to provide an explanation for Mr. Smoke. When my spiritual quest finally led me to the shamanic path, I discovered the bit of information that changed everything. A shamanic student with psychic ability described seeing strange entities that fit my description during a training session for extraction of unwanted energies. The psychic student reported seeing dark grey plumes of smoke leaving one client lying on the floor, and immediately entering another.

Rock drawings and fossil evidence from ancient shamanic cultures suggests that humanity has been dealing with interfering spirits for hundreds of thousands of years, long before organized religions were created. Traditionally, proof of spirits has always been experienced subjectively through the interaction of spirits with humans. Today’s scientific community demands objective proof that can be quantified, recorded, and manipulated under lab conditions. Until science produces more sensitive instruments that can measure subtle energies, it will continue to deny the existence of the spirit world. My “eyes wide open experience” is the best proof I could ever ask for. I know now, without researching extensive libraries, and beyond the shadow of a doubt, that spirits exist, and they can enter us and influence our lives. More importantly, they can also be managed and removed by us, once we wake up to their presence, and the power of our own spiritual sovereignty.


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Comment by Steve Staniek on November 28, 2019 at 12:32pm


My Smokey Apparitions Were Castaneda’s Flyers

Whether it’s reader fatigue or just my disturbing material, I seem to have exhausted the well of interest here for a while. As my year of posting comes to an end, I extend my heart felt gratitude to the people who run this board, and I’d like to tie up a few loose ends beginning with this, my first posting.  

About a year of deep research has yielded a more accurate identification of the two identical apparitions that I saw on two separate occasions, about 40 years apart, and which I called Mr. Smoke.  My Mr. Smoke’s appearance [substance], attitude towards me, method of movement, and agenda, fits the description given by Carlos Castaneda as “the flyers”, in his first book: “The Teachings of Don Juan, A Yaqui Way of Life”.

In his last book: 'The Active Side of Infinity', Castenada reveals how the human mind is

occupied by an extraneous malevolent source that controls our behavior against our best

interests as he says:

"Don Juan kept on pushing his barb deeper and deeper into me. "The sorcerers of ancient Mexico

," he said, "saw; the predator. They called it the flyer because it leaps through the air. It is not

a pretty sight. It is a big shadow, impenetrably dark, a black shadow that jumps through the air.

Then it lands flat on the ground.

“The sorcerers of ancient Mexico were quite ill at ease with the idea of when it made its appearance on Earth.

They reasoned that man must have been a complete being at one point, with stupendous insights, feats of awareness that are mythological legends nowadays. And then everything seems to disappear, and we have now a sedated man."

"What I'm saying is that what we have against us is not a simple predator. It is very smart, and
organized. It follows a methodical system to render us useless.
“Man, the magical being that he is destined to be, is no longer magical. He's an average piece of meat. There are no more dreams for man but the dreams of an animal who is being raised to become a piece of meat: trite, conventional, imbecilic."
Don Juan's words were eliciting a strange, bodily reaction in me comparable to the sensation of nausea. It was as if I were going to get sick to my stomach again. But the nausea was coming from the bottom of my being, from the marrow of my bones. I convulsed involuntarily. Don Juan shook me by the shoulders forcefully. I felt my neck wobbling back and forth under the impact of his grip. The maneuver calmed me down at once. I felt more in control.
"This predator," don Juan said, "which, of course, is an inorganic being, is not altogether invisible to us, as other inorganic beings are. 1 think as children we do see it and decide it's so horrific that we don't want to think about it. Children, of course, could insist on focusing on the sight, but everybody else around them dissuades them from doing so.
"The only alternative left for mankind," he continued, "is discipline. Discipline is the only deterrent. But by discipline I don't mean harsh routines. I don't mean waking up every morning at five-thirty and throwing cold water on yourself until you're blue. Sorcerers understand discipline as the capacity to face with serenity odds that are not included in our expectations. For them, discipline is an art: the art of facing infinity without flinching, not because they are strong and tough but because they are filled with awe."
"In what way would the sorcerers' discipline be a deterrent?" I asked.
"Sorcerers say that discipline makes the glowing coat of awareness unpalatable to the flyer," don Juan said, scrutinizing my face as if to discover any signs of disbelief. "The result is that the predators become bewildered. An inedible glowing coat of awareness is not part of their cognition, I suppose. After being bewildered, they don't have any recourse other than refraining from continuing their nefarious task.
"If the predators don't eat our glowing coat of awareness for a while," he went on, "it'll keep on growing. Simplifying this matter to the extreme, I can say that sorcerers, by means of their discipline, push the predators away long enough to allow their glowing coat of awareness to grow beyond the level of the toes. Once it goes beyond the level of the toes, it grows back to its natural size.
“The sorcerers of ancient Mexico used to say that the glowing coat of awareness is like a tree. If it is not pruned, it grows to its natural size and volume. As awareness reaches levels higher than the toes, tremendous maneuvers of perception become a matter of course.
"The grand trick of those sorcerers of ancient times," don Juan continued, "was to burden the flyers' mind with discipline. They found out that if they taxed the flyers' mind with inner silence, the foreign installation would flee, giving to any one of the practitioners involved in this maneuver the total certainty of the mind's foreign origin.
“The foreign installation comes back, I assure you, but not as strong, and a process begins in which the fleeing of the 'flyers' mind becomes routine, until one day it flees permanently. A sad day indeed! That's the day when you have to rely on your own devices, which are nearly zero. There's no one to tell you what to do. There's no mind of foreign origin to dictate the imbecilities you're accustomed to.
"My teacher, the nagual Julian, used to warn all his disciples," don Juan continued, "that this was the toughest day in a sorcerer's life, for the real mind that belongs to us, the sum total of our experience, after a lifetime of domination has been rendered shy, insecure, and shifty. Personally, I would say that the real battle of sorcerers begins at that moment. The rest is merely preparation."
I became genuinely agitated. I wanted to know more, and yet a strange feeling in me clamored for me to stop. It alluded to dark results and punishment, something like the wrath of God descending on me for tampering with something veiled by God himself. I made a supreme effort to allow my curiosity to win.
"What-what-what do you mean," I heard myself say, "by taxing the flyers' mind?"
"Discipline taxes the foreign mind no end," he replied. "So, through their discipline, sorcerers vanquish the foreign installation."
I was overwhelmed by his statements. I believed that don Juan was either certifiably insane or that he was telling me something so awesome that it froze everything in me. I noticed, however how quickly I rallied my energy to deny everything he had said. After an instant of panic, I began to laugh, as if don Juan had told me a joke. I even heard myself saying, "Don Juan, don Juan, you're incorrigible!"
Don Juan seemed to understand everything I was experiencing. He shook his head from side to side and raised his eyes to the heavens in a gesture of mock despair.
"I am so incorrigible," he said, "that I am going to give the flyers' mind, which you carry inside you, one more jolt. I am going to reveal to you one of the most extraordinary secrets of sorcery. I am going to describe to you a finding that took sorcerers thousands of years to verify and consolidate."
He looked at me and smiled maliciously. "The flyers' mind flees forever," he said, "when a sorcerer succeeds in grabbing on to the vibrating force that holds us together as a conglomerate of energy fields. If a sorcerer maintains that pressure long enough, the flyers' mind flees in defeat.

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