The Spiritual Rape of Indigenous Children by Yahweh's Christians

Rape – it seems that the original  meaning of the Latin word was ‘to take and run’, which describes the ancient warrior practice of looting the defeated group or nation, by capturing and running off with their women in order to have their way with them, obviously without their consent.

Today, Wikipedia describes rape as a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration carried out against a person without that person's consent. The act may be carried out by physical force, coercionabuse of authority, or against a person who is incapable of giving valid consent, such as one who is unconscious, incapacitated, has an intellectual disability or is below the legal age of consent.[1][2][3] “

That definition describes one form of rape, namely the violation of the physical body in a sexual way, but there are many other ways to violate humans. Spiritual rape is the violation of person’s spiritual body of beliefs, by forcing a conflicting [hostile] belief onto the individual, accompanied by threats of physical and spiritual: pain, punishment, and eternal damnation.

Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Report, revealed the spiritual rape of hundreds of thousands of indigenous children taken by violence and threats of violence from their homes and communities, and thrown into residential school prisons where Christian teacher-guards tried to kill "the savage" in them.  Innocent native children were systematically abused at the national level by being held captive by hostile teacher-guards and forced to accept Jesus, or face: starvation, humiliation, daily beatings, solitary confinement, hard labour, and social isolation. In Jesus’ name, little children were forced to surrender their spiritual freedom and native sovereignty by accepting Christian spiritual enslavement, a repugnant process that was legally empowered by a racially toxic law called the Indian Act.

The newly manufactured state of Canada [1867], became 'a nation of child abusers', from coast to coast to coast, as hundreds of first nations communities were forced by threats of Christian violence to surrender their sovereignty over their lands and children to a hostile monarch thousands of miles away. The entire British Empire was made into a criminal system of racial oppression that knowingly put native children in harm’s way, and held them hostage for power and profit. The US did it too.

The basic idea of rape is violating a victim by physically controlling him/her, and forcibly inserting, installing, or exposing the victim to unwanted elements such as: foreign body parts, objects, diseases, ideas, beliefs, or implants, into the body, mind, and heart, of an unwilling host. So we see that a syringe loaded with viruses for example, can be used to rape, and in this case infect a victim with deadly agents.

The Truth and Reconciliation Report exposed Canada’s dark side, and the day after it was released, Canadians woke up to the fact that they had been living in a great delusion constructed by white Christian supremacists who had been hiding Canada’s criminal side for centuries. Canadians had been bamboozled for hundreds of years into believing in 'Canada the Good', by a criminal white Christian establishment, which included partners in crime like: white Christian churches, the business community, and of course a complicit press that suppresses the truth to this day.

I posit, that Christianity raped it’s way across the indigenous New World when European Christians brought it here as a spiritually destructive force, not unlike the plague, that destroyed the free lives of millions of natives. In Peru alone, [the Amazon Basin], Christians slaughtered more than 30 million natives, and the survivors were forced to become spiritual slaves under the control of the repugnant Yahweh the Destroyer, who rules with absolute hate and vengeance. His commandments were designed to be impossible to keep, creating an ongoing karmic prison for his believers, while he parades his sick ego, not unlike Trump, as a benevolent and loving deity.

The Truth and Reconciliation Report describes in detail how the white, Christian Canadian government abused Canada’s children, under the political cover of assimilating them into white Christian society.

The TRR found that thousands of Canadian court cases stuck down the Canadian government's official position of assimilation, and stated that there was no education or assimilation.

Now, ethical Canadians are stuck with the enormous job of rehabilitating or decriminalizing our colonial thinking government, and the toxic culture it has grown.


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Comment by Steve Staniek on December 7, 2019 at 12:49pm

What Is the Source of Humanity's Greatest Delusions?

When we study human behaviour throughout our documented history, one document: "Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Report", [TRR] , rises quickly to the top of the pile, elevated by its own compelling truths presented with painful, gut wrenching evidence and non-political honesty.

Glasnost is openness and transparency in government, and it finally came to Canada in the form of the TRR, despite the concerted efforts of the white Christian press to shut it  down. It shocked Canadians and the world to learn that Canada had a dark side, hidden successfully for centuries by a complicit white Christian Canadian press. The TRR blew the veneer of historic lies off the old official narrative co-created by government. It completely destroyed the old fantasy of decency, good governance, and civilized behaviour that white Christian Canadians had been fed by their white religious, political, and economic leaders that had been committing crimes against humanity for centuries. The TRR exposed and denounced the nightmare reality created by white British and French Christian political groups that combined to create: "The Dominion of Canada", meaning a state where one group "dominates" all others. 

The source of much of humanity's ongoing delusions are false realities created by documents that were created with ethnic, religious, and political lies, distortions, stories, and fantasies, which allowed the authors, a tiny minority of elites, to create a false reality thru which they could advance their pernicious agenda against "the common" majority.  That's us.

To me, the TRR is a pivotal document that changes everything, because it makes a fiction out of all the rest of the following historic documents that have impacted humanity with negative consequences:

Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Report trumps all others including;

Constantine's Bible 325 CE - Roman conqueror Constantine hijacked and ordered a reorganization of fledgling Christianity, because he understood the power of organized religion to govern. Religions that contained rules and consequences,[commandments and punishments] were in fact forms of spiritual regulation, or governance that would control the hearts and minds of Roman slaves as well as the victims of Rome's violent conquests. One religion was worth several legions of Roman occupation troops. Constantine maintained 'editorial control' over the contents of the Christian bible, and his writers were able to reinvent Jesus and his ministry to support Roman colonial terrorism. Christianity was central to, and not just a bystander, in the criminal process of colonization. Functionally speaking, Christianity became an aggressive force that spread itself [with Roman violence] across all European nations. The sole, common factor in the genocides committed by Europe's colonial criminals, was Christianity, which crossed all national barriers.

Functionally, Christianity acted like a force of its own, as thousands of indigenous nations fell before Constantine's genocidal cross of conquest. Retrospectively, we see that it was actually Christian colonialism that was being spread by Europe's predator nations that committed human atrocities in the New World. With Pope Alexander VI's blessing (or curse), Christian missionaries  enslaved the native survivors of colonial genocide. By the 12th century, the former European victims of Roman colonialism, like England for example, aspired to become the new Romans of imperial conquest. They followed the lead of other predator nations like Portugal, Spain, they hunted the globe for rich indigenous targets.   

The Magna Carta 1215 CE- written to give and protect limited rights to so-called English noblemen [barons], who wanted to control the erratic, and at times insane governance of English monarchs like English King John. It was of no real benefit to common Englishmen, who continued to be treated miserably like serfs [slaves]. English serfs never did rise up successfully against their lords, to defend and assert themselves the way serfs did in France and New England. In 1381, John Baker, an English baker, led the only English peasant revolt in Brentwood, but, it failed to gain any momentum, though it ended with the beheading of 7 of the King's tax collectors. British Lords ruled absolutely, and they passed self serving legislation to enslave their peasant class in perpetuity. Britain's upper class benefited tremendously from the enslavement of its lower class, and this became part of the colonial strategy centuries later, to enslave the world with toxic British legislation like the British North America Act [1867], and the Indian Act [1876] in Canada.

To this day, though the lines of division have been blurred by modern culture, there are two distinct classes of Brits, divided by a long standing tradition of social hatred that poisoned the British Empire for centuries with a culture of racial and class hatred. They were responsible for many indigenous holocausts of genocide across the globe. Common Englishmen have always been treated like slaves by their aristocratic masters, and reconciliation to grow a more humane culture never took place in this theocracy where church and state were controlled by Christian monarchs that did not have their people's best interests at heart. It's not surprising then, that both British and Christian cultures are based on a parasitic hierarchy, with elites at the top feeding off the efforts of the lower class. The upper class was wholly dependent on the lower class for it physical survival, and yet the lower class was treated like slaves.

The Bulls of Donation, or the Alexandrine Bulls, [1493], were three papal bulls, created by the deeply criminal pope Alexander VI,. These documents were used by European predator nations as a "green light" to commit physical and spiritual terrorism in the New World. The Vatican gave Christian approval to the enslavement of indigenous nations for profit and power, and to force more souls to feed  Yahweh's hierarchy of parasites. Portugal's Order of Christ, [a masonic order] was first to launch Christian genocide against indigenous nations. It raped, plundered, and slaughtered indigenous peoples to take their land wealth [armed robbery on a massive scale]. Criminal Christian colonization would curse these lands with genocidal greeed for centuries. 

US Declaration of Independence from British Tyranny [1776] - This document was born out of a broken relationship that ended colonial British rule in the New England colonies. The split was ostensibly over unfair taxes on tea, etc...but it resulted in very limited "independence", since there were many that fought for independence but were denied it by their fellow "Americans" and indentured servants, and slaves were not independent. Indeed, even after fighting a major war. the majority of new Americans were not independent, free, or alllowed to be participate in the new democratic republic, so nothing had changed or improved, and the Declaration of Independence was once again, like the Magna Carta a document declaring and upholding the rights of landowning elites.

US -Civil Rights Act [1964] . Forced by an outraged black population still struggling against white Christian dominance after 200 years of slavery and oppression in the USA, the Civil Rights Act was a major turning point in the history of the United States and had massive political and civil impact. The legislation sought to abolish discrimination against women and racial and religious minorities, and the act made racial segregation illegal. It was a landmark document seeking equal and fair rights for many who had suffered from discrimination and racial hatred for decades, and it was a huge victory for the civil rights movement. Unfortunately, it failed to open doors, minds, and hearts in America's dominant white Christian culture.

The British North America Act [1867], was concocted by British elites [including monarchs] to provide a veneer of legitimacy to conceal Britain's criminal conduct of genocidal land theft, in the New World. It was legal cover for creating the state of Canada, on criminal foundations. Britain used criminal colonialism, a combination of physical and spiritual terrorism hidden under the political cover of "civilizing the indigenous world", to gain control over indigenous nations, and more importantly their land wealth. 

Canada's Indian Act [1876] was written by the same white Christian supremacists [colonial criminals] who wrote the repugnant British North America Act to enslave indigenous Canada. The Canadian Indian, [a famous misnomer by confused colonials] was restricted to his reserve, which was moved to remote areas as part of ethnic cleansing by Brits. This act empowered religious persecution of indigenous nations [especially their children] in what is being recognized as Canada's Holocaust. It was a nightmarish 150 year pogrom conducted by Christian religious extremists that destroyed the lives of millions of Canadian children and their families. The campaign of what we recognize as Christian hate in action, turned traditionally independent and successful nations into dysfunctional communities where the suicide rate of children has reached  epidemic levels. These transgressions against humanity were carefully planned and executed by the remnants of the criminal British Empire who stayed on the criminal path, instead of rising up and embracing the ethical treatment of humans by inclusive, caring, and democratic governments. 

Comment by Steve Staniek on November 21, 2019 at 9:56am

When Indigenous Children Were Physically and Spiritually Terrorized by Governments

As a community activist with ongoing interest in human rights, I will show how the Canadian government,  in its covetous pursuit of control over indigenous resources, devalued the human rights of indigenous nations through physical and spiritual attacks on native children, in order to make them appear less human than their white Christian supremacist masters. The Truth and Reconciliation Committee found that there was no education or assimilation resulting from the Christian Residential School pogroms.

There is absolutely no legitimacy in a government that rises to power through physical and spiritual terrorism against indigenous nations, making all colonial empires nothing more than criminal constructs. White Christian Canada empowered itself with the highly toxic, and obviously racist “Indian Act”, to enslave and abuse over 150,000 children, and kill 6,000 of them, over a 150 year period. I call this extended period of official religious persecution of children driven by racial hatred and greed, the Canadian Holocaust.

Canada’s first Prime Minster Sir John A. Macdonald, told the House of Commons in 1883: “When the school is on the reserve the child lives with its parents, who are savages; he is surrounded by savages, and though he may learn to read and write his habits, and training and mode of thought are Indian. He is simply a savage who can read and write. It has been strongly pressed on myself, as the head of the Department, that Indian children should be withdrawn as much as possible from the parental influence, and the only way to do that would be to put them in central training industrial schools where they will acquire the habits and modes of thought of white men.

These measures were part of a coherent policy to eliminate Aboriginal people as distinct peoples and to assimilate them into the Canadian mainstream against their will. Deputy Minister of Indian Affairs Duncan Campbell Scott outlined the goals of that policy in 1920, when he told a parliamentary committee that “our object is to continue until there is not a single Indian in Canada that has not been absorbed into the body politic.”These goals were reiterated in 1969 in the federal government’s Statement of the Government of Canada on Indian Policy (more often referred to as the “White Paper”), which sought to end Indian status and terminate the Treaties that the federal government had negotiated with First Nations.10 e Canadian government pursued this policy of cultural genocide because it wished to divest itself of its legal and financial obligations to Aboriginal people and gain control over their land and resources. If every Aboriginal person were “absorbed into the body politic,” there would be no reserves, no Treaties, and no Aboriginal rights. “

What horrors were forced onto indigenous children in Christian residential schools? The following facts taken from the TRR will be deeply disturbing to those who still believe in the primacy or supremacy of white Christian culture over all others…

The TRR describes the process of child abuse beginning with armed British or French Christian gunmen dressed in uniforms arriving in native communities and taking terrified children with violence and threats of violence, from their families. Apparently, this process was studied by Nazis.

Native children were taken by hostile white Christians,  far from their communities, to substandard schools, where they would be terrorized physically and spiritually for many years.

Each innocent native child was debased to the lowest human level of “savage”, in the eyes of European white Christian societies that invaded the Americas with destructive violence, and failed to resolve their own racial and class hatreds that continue for centuries.  

Native children were denied their legitimate human rights, a universal right of children to be free from government harassment, as they were dragged to remote prisons. They were physically and spiritually terrorized and punished for being who they were;  non-white, non-Christian, non-English non-French individuals with no power.

In these hostile environments they were held hostage to ensure the compliance [good behavior] of their native communities.  They were threatened with physical and spiritual punishment when they refused Jesus over their own beliefs. Each child was separated from his or her siblings, then stripped and robbed of his or her identity. Christian teacher-guards took their native clothes, their native names, and forced them to accept Christianity and English or French culture. They were forbidden to speak their native languages and forbidden to practice their native beliefs or ceremonies. They were forbidden to leave the Christian prisons where they were regularly: humiliated, beaten, starved, overworked, exposed to the elements, or throw into isolation for refusing to accept Jesus and Yahweh as their lords and masters.  

After resisting abusive Christian indoctrination all day long, each night in bed, these terrified children would turn to their native spirits for solace and comfort that was not available from the destructive process of Christian spiritual regulation being forced on them.

Most of these children never recovered from these atrocities, and the legacy of their experiences is manifest in many dysfunctional native communities. 

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