C.G. Jung wrote, "When a patient begins to feel the inescapable nature of his inner development, he may easily be overcome by a panic fear that he is slipping helplessly into some kind of madness that he can no longer understand" (The Philosophical Tree 1945/1954 CW 13, 325). When patients first enter depth psychotherapy, it's not uncommon that they are panic stricken. Their lives seem as if they are falling apart. "I'm tumbling down a deep hole, into an abyss," one person shared, their look utterly pained.

I remember when I first entered deep therapy. Pressures in my life rushed in on all sides. A dream came with an angel sweeping his numinous wing wide and gathering me into another realm of seeing, one that was at first dark and forbidding and then mysterious and nurturing as I adjusted to this depth. 

My therapist, a man trained by C.G. Jung, offered, "So, it's time to turn within." He smiled gently and knowingly. I had no idea what I was in for, just that I needed help and sensed myself tumbling inward, a madness of sorts since few understood this compelling need.

I understood that the madness had meaning, discovered its meaning, and responded to it in a practical and transformative way. For many years to come I acquainted myself with the mysteries of the unconscious mind. This ongoing exploration helped me, and continues to help me, to further my healing journey. I've seen that it's not only the big moments of madness, those of crushing stress, but the day-to-day moments of madness that offer us a chance to go deeper.

Day-to-day moments of madness hit when things feel too much. We can cave into anxiety about all that comes our way; or, we can take time to listen and feel our way through the stress, what it has to teach us, to tell us about ourselves and others. Slipping into everyday madness, for sensitive souls, means quieting, turning within, and listening to what the storm has to teach us. 


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Comment by Paul DeBlassie III on July 27, 2016 at 9:20am

Linda, what you about to enter into sounds like an experience that could prove quite meaningful and healing. May you and all those who attend discover nourishing insight and mysteries of the soul. Take care.

Comment by Linda AK Thompson, PhD on July 26, 2016 at 7:25pm

Good evening Paul – tried to be brief with the sending of a little bit more...healing circle...

Always good to converse with you too!  Darlene + I are co-creating a pilot project – formation of a small and closed, on-line, in-depth healing circle to span 3 years in response to our personal needs as wounded healers [particular pieces of healing work we are both ready, willing and able to go deeper into, plus a call made known to me in May 2013…recovering from a serious case...illness with Shingles…

I have disclosed many pieces of my ancestral, familial [family-of-origin} and personal healing stories scattered across this past 4 years within DPA community activities, events…

And when I completed a majority of my personal trauma recovery work [age 57 achieved time-zero utilizing many healing modalities…Self-Regulation Therapy [SRT]...this was life saving and profound for me…release of shock/trauma response [birth NDE] involving co-ex pieces…I believed I had a divine, miraculous healing of a persistent pattern that had recurred, I endured across my lifespan [repeated NDE’s]..into new belief there would be no more until my final/last breath in body… however, during that Shingles episode 2 years ago…I experienced some moments [serious case - needing potent prescribed medications, and unfortunately for me [another pattern - I am a highly sensitive – get the rare side effects - could have died], so….I knew there was more co-ex work...life for me to get into…

For the past 4 years, I have been reaching out ...trying to gather together a small [virtual – non-locality] group, locally, Goggle+ group], also interested in going on a healing sojourn with me…I have completed so many of these within a limited, and I need a more long-term support network…I am no longer interested in travelling that path with limited [alive human] support, and instead…I would love to enter these mystical realms [healing] I continue to experience in the good company of likeminded...kindred souls…

I am a bit odd…not Jungian, alchemic or shamanic orientated…now know…I was called, spiritually same since birth [my Mom's feedback to me]…continue to have “rare” states that typically involve aspects of NDE content arising from my depths…with aspects [lesser degree as time goes on] more breakdown of trauma amnesia…my deeply, embedded, remnants of the unknown…previously unprocessed [unkown] material...imprints, blueprints [co-ex] …always moving…shifting into sub-consciousness…anomalous experience…continue to experience some profound mystical [altered] states [ 2 this year]…have profound respect, called to serve the dying [end-of-life care]…life/death trajectory healing…witnessed many divine…thought provoking, life affirming personal and life’s work, service experiences...so many...phenomenal...how fortunate am I to serve for 50 years!!!

Even got to do healing of family tree work [personal too privileged  - did 4th generation healing work with my kin [discovered some roots – the answer to the question put before me “What is “ it” about my family [and the phenomenal of death-bed vigils]…

So, here I am Paul…getting ready to go on another deep, healing sojourn [anticipate 3 years earth time]…totally humbled, trusting God, love, innocence of childhood…remain an eternal optimist regarding inner healing…my life is good… I am devoted to service...will keep my promise made in 1991 [to God...during my brother’s death bed experience] – forever, changed me…am bathed in everlasting faith, hope and love [charity]…soooooo grateful for simple “breath” in my body and moment-to-moment living…my life right now feels like one big blessing, present from God...so much beauty in the world…so many gifts, treasures to behold…gleamed from my travels…in darkness and light...

Hope this answers your interesting inquiry…and as always…a lovely opportunity to share with you, which I so enjoy…Have a nice evening.  Peace + Love Linda 

Comment by Paul DeBlassie III on July 26, 2016 at 4:15pm

Linda, good to hear from you...yes, this topic spoke to me especially in terms of the everyday madness that we can so easily overlook and miss an opportunity to move a little deeper into the unconscious and listen to what's behind the storm, the meaning in the chaos. Send a little more info. on the healing circle your forming, what's hopes and dreams about it?

Comment by Linda AK Thompson, PhD on July 26, 2016 at 3:54pm

Good evening Paul - awe yes, phenomenal moments within the depths of our unique individual experiences - multidimensional potentials = mind, body + spirit...more than madness for some... anomalous... phenomenal...mysterious!  Sound advice for sensitive souls...awe the calm that can follow those storms...can be sublime...thank you so much.  Peace + Love Linda    

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