Some of you are aware of it. Some people out there are also aware of it. Aware of what? I've been thinking for awhile about playing with this hypothesis: in order for us to be self-aware and even alive (free will, metabolism --> self-repair --> reproduction, strange loops, reversed entropy, self-awareness, teleology, ...), there seem to be moments when time is running backwards.

Here are some examples what someone (for instance me) would be able to achieve if the hypothesis was true:

  1. enormous amounts of synchronicity: the bigger the better
  2. from zero to hero
  3. suddenly becoming well-adapted instead of a misfit/weirdo
  4. jumping into one's own mouth: thinking about the hypothesis because there was a "phone call" (book, film, conversation...) from the future
  5. I'll achieve it and no one can stop me.

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Comment by Evan Hanks on September 12, 2013 at 7:11am

The world needs misfits and wierdos. Well-adapted has a double meaning that sometimes only misfits can connect with.


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