Religion and Health: Invitation to be an author on the blog

Peace be upon you.

My Religion and Health Platform ( has been in operation for some time already in the context of research being conducted around Psychosis, Mysticism as well as certain aspects of Religion and Spirituality.

I wish to point out however, that while contributions within this platform are welcome from health professionals, patients and anyone else interested from non-health professional backgrounds, it is being managed from a patient perspective with the background of the Personal Story narrated by the patient in Parts 1 to 5 so far: Personal Story - Part 5.

In the context of the proposed research, an e-mailing list has also been created whereby those in it are sent blog updates by e-mail at spaced out intervals to be kept informed of the latest posts on the blog.

At this point, anyone reading from this blog, whether by e-mail or otherwise, who may be interested in posting on the blog as well, can already do so as commentator, but is further invited to express the desire to be an author on the blog if one so wishes, whether as a health professional or otherwise. If you are in receipt of this message as by e-mail, you may write by e-mail, requesting for an invitation to be an author on the blog. Otherwise, you may leave a comment through the blog and the management will get back to you accordingly.

Looking forward to having readers of this blog to participate as authors on the blog. Relevant moderation of posts may be applicable whenever felt necessary;

Thanking you.

Peace and blessing

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