I have been attempting to conduct some research around Psychosis, Mysticism and Spirituality for some time already and have posted some items and gathered some materials on my blog entitled Religion and Health where more details have been included. These posts give more background to my motivation for this Health Research Project:

PersonalStory – Bipolar Disorder – Part 1

Personal Story – Part 3 – Bipolar Disorder

Looking forward to feedback around this theme.

Thanking you.

Peace and blessings

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Comment by Afzal Durgauhee on March 10, 2013 at 11:14am

Thank you so much for your valuable info Jonah. I found interesting stuff in there and hope to further explore what you shared. Thanks again. Afzal

Comment by Jonah Dempcy on March 8, 2013 at 5:50pm

Thank you for sharing!

I found a website you might find informative here: http://spiritualemergency.blogspot.com/

I also started an "issue" called "Psychosis and Spiritual Emergence" on aaaaarg.org (an academic discussion group site) with a number of PDFs you can download by various authors: 

There are currently 57 texts added to the issue. Feel free to add more! It is an open issue so anyone can contribute texts for others to read.

Note: aaaaarg.org requires sign-up but it's completely free to join, they don't even accept donations. Once you become a member you are not required to do anything, but if you upload 2 texts then you gain access to internal links for everything on the site. (These texts can be open-access texts culled from Google or wherever you like, as long they are not already in the system).


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