Primitive Aspects of Mind--Prelude to Change!

To hit on lethal aspects of mind scares the beejeezus out of people! We've all got them lurking there inside us. They're the destructive emotions that hurt people, hurt ourselves, maim or destroy one potentially healthy relationship after another. They're primitive psychic energies that we need to come to terms with or else they'll inflict themselves onto and into our lives whether we like it or not.

Today I posted on social media, "And now to move into a day of doing depth psychotherapy at full throttle as folks move into realms of mind not heretofore explored and loaded with numinous potential for transformation, often shocking and always enlightening!" In order to do the  exploration of mind that takes us into wondrous realms, primitive, frightening aspects of self need to be encountered. Images from dreams trouble us with what we don't want to see about ourselves. They're primitive, hidden, things that some might call nightmarish. But, we can deal with them and open up hope for healing. 

"YOU CANNOT CHANGE WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND YOU UNTIL YOU CHANGE WHAT IS GOING ON WITHIN YOU," states an anonymous author. Primitive states of mind emerge in daily life because they are begging for attention and transformation. The same old problems and mistakes are preludes to change. Yelling and screaming and howling and raging and crushing self doubt and unending unhappiness and tears all signal that primitive aspects of mind are crying out for attention. 

A guy who many described as "the nicest guy in the world" complained of nightmares in which a face was screaming at him. We explored the image and discovered that "the nicest guy in the world" was bound up with anger that needed release and resolution. A primitive aspect of mind cried out for help. Primitive aspects of mind, once realized with insight, can begin to heal and change!

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