Post One: Introduction (Bipolar One Personality)

I have joined this site because I would like to communicate some of the extreme experiences I now feel free to relate to others.

I am approaching seventy years of existing in whatever this is.
I am a retired secondary school teacher.
I experience bipolar one disorder.

My first institutional psycharistic intervention occurred in my early twenties. My second occurred a few years later. A major depression was experienced following this second intervention and I attempted suicide by hanging only to gain consciousness on a basement concrete floor with a gash on my head. Another admission to a psycharistic ward where I was taken off all medication and released.

I have existed with this disorder, and I was functional for thirty years teaching secondary school in Canada, specifically in Quebec and Ontario.

I have been an athlete all my life.

I gained entrance to university by securing a football scholarship to Youngstown State University in 1968. In my early fifties I climbed Kilimanjaro and in my early sixties I was regularly bench pressing 300 lbs.

I have been an artist all my life.

Leading up to my third and most recent psycharistic intervention I created some, what I feel are radical, "video collages" expressing my opinions and frustration with "this"... existence. I uploaded these rants and proclamations to YouTube and I have tried to engage dialogue regarding what I am trying to communicate regarding archetypes.

I don't mean to insult anybody but I am attempting to portray certain archetypes in a current historical context.

I have heard that Jung was never able to disassociated himself from the European / Christian culture he was conditioned within.

I daily try to disassociate myself from nationalistic, ethnic and religious tensions and conflicts. Every day I dispel every theistic conscious awareness as nonsense.

I am a reductionist.

In reference to Jungian duality... There is intelligence and there is chaos. 

Atheism is an absolute so I cannot accept it.

As an agnostic I assign minimum probability that any personal existence follows death but, for me, I choose to seek spirituality in the inclusive nature of human historical ancestry and if there is minimal probability of anything following death better to be welcomed into the arms of loving past ancestors than to be judged by anybody.

The video collages were created in a period leading to a psychotic episode.

If you wishes to see these video collages, let me know. I must warn you that some of them contain very offensive language. (Specifically... lyrics by the punk band Anti Flag)

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