Our Modern Cultural Mindset & the Forward Thinking of Carl Jung

                      Our Modern Cultural Mindset and the Forward Thinking of Carl Jung

One of my favorite quotes is this from Carl Jung, which addresses the reality of nature and our loss of contact with it. It also identifies a deep and burgeoning issue for humankind:
“Man feels isolated in the cosmos. He is no longer involved in nature and has lost his emotional participation in natural events, which hitherto had symbolic meaning for him. Thunder is no longer the voice of a god, nor is lightning his avenging missile. No river contains a spirit, no tree makes a man's life, no snake is the embodiment of wisdom and no mountain still harbours a great demon. Neither do things speak to him nor can he speak to things, like stones, springs, plants and animals" (The Earth Has a Soul, Sabini, 2005, p. 79-80).

The disconnect I experience between the ancient, primal knowing carried over from two million years of unity between spirit and matter, the concept that everything I encounter is alive and ensouled and is made up of the same intelligent energy contrasts with what the modern mindset so many of us unconsciously carry--that is, that the world...

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