Opaque Translucent Transparent considered as Psychologicial Phenomenon

A Consideration of Human Primate Existence 

Axiom 1

The Exclusivity of Human Primate Personal Consciousness (C. Jung Individuation)

Axiom 2

A Human Primate cannot develop Human Personal Consciousness without Human Primate Interaction (CULTURE)

Axiom 3

Human Primates (as other Primates) are capable of Alliance and Deception

The Male Alliance

The Cause of Human Primate Conflict

I am a Jungian because of what I relate to regarding his expressed thought and because I am challenged (competitive) by paradoxes (antimonies) and ambiguities that I experience with his expressed thought (a sub set of his Personal Consciousness) through my interaction with the medium of Popular Culture and the medium of literature. Of significant personal interest is his Artistic Expressions and the issue as to whether he experienced psychosis or approached psychosis, given: I have experienced three psychotic episodes and that I express myself with graphic art. I believe I paint as Jung painted. However, my expressions are those of a being influenced by agnosticism and existentialism; whereas, what I observe viewing his art reflects christian indoctrination.

Honesty Truth Proof 

Truth and Proof are TRANSPARENT.

Honest is TRANSLUCENT. It can only attempt to be TRANSPARENT or OPAQUE.

The TOTALITY of my personal consciousness cannot be related to an other human primate. What others perceive as the human primate animal that I am - I can only deal with as a relation.

In a previous blog post, I related that I read (I question if this is the correct word to use in this context; study might be better... but what I am expressing is that I view print on a paper page...) math and philosophy and I use spoken word Productions for literature like Shakespeare, Homer and The Communist Manifesto. I have recently downloaded podcasts from the BBC Series (In Our Times) which deals with academic issues, particularly Mathematics, Science and Philosophy.

A podcast on the topic of Evolutionary Psychology is of importance in regard to Jungian  Existentialism. The contention that we are human primates with a primitive psychology living in technological modern culture, if not true, is worthy of analysis. In the same podcast, (paraphrasing) it is stated that through most of our psychological evolution as a species (100 000 to 10 000 ago) only a relatively few male members of a sub collective (tribe, village) would sexually possess females. This was achieved in the view of other members and combative/sexual behaviour and its consequences inflicted on other biological organisms of the same species were as much the spectacle of the time as they are now.

As an existentialist, facticity is paramount. I have included the above photos as a case in point. I played football for Youngstown State University in the late sixties. We were the Penguins and they were somebody else. I included a photo of Roger Staubach because I play one football game against him while at YSU. The previous is facticity. It is an honest reflection for me, backed by Truth established by Proof. If I state that I am the Penguin far top row right column and my best friend is Mike Lorion bottom row third column, am I being honest and is it the Truth and can I Prove it?

My existential analysis of the above statement is uncertain and that is the Truth. I state that Mike Lorion is my best friend and the truth is that I do not know if he is alive or dead? I have not had any interaction with this male human primate for over thirty years. But he is my Patroclus and always will be and however honest and truthful I might be, I could never prove it to any other human primate.

I respect the game of football. It allowed me to obtain academic degrees and it has provided me with a connection to a human primate who I consider to be the greatest human primate that ever lived.

He is known by the name Paul Robeson but, to me, he is too big for that label. Especially the last name, because it refers to the Scottish clan that owed his ancestors as slaves. This human primate caused other young male human primates to cease firing guns at each other in order to hear him sing (the Spanish Civil War). This human primate was an All American Football Player only to be later the most famous individual on the only ten man All American Football Team. (During the McCarthy era he was "whited out" from a team photo taken the year he was acclaimed.) This human primate was recognized world wide as a pacific and a socialist and if the human species has any value whatsoever it is expressed in the spirit and psyche of this human male primate. He is one of the few male primates that causes me to feel less ashamed of being male.

The Olympic Games

Athletes and Artist for Peace


The London Olympic games ended with John Lennon's Imagine. I would have preferred "god is a concept by which we measure our pain".

A self portrait rendered in my fifties... (seems to suggest fear, castration and hollowness)... the male condition.



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