What is needed to make a group function?

I asked my higher self and I was given this vision:

We are a group of people sitting in a circle connected by tree circles of white light - we are by holding hands.

The first circle we kind of sit on - the second one is running through our hearts - the third one runs through our heads there where the pineal is placed.

We sit here for a while concentrating on the circles, then it seams as if a light is growing in the middle of the circle, we raise our hands and lean backwards and now a light from above kind of connects with the light in the middle and whirls out around the globe.

The Big Voice says: "This is needed to make a group function"

Love and light

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Comment by Kirsten Merrild on June 30, 2012 at 4:47am

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I dreamed that Planet Earth divided in smaller planets may be 7 they drifted in different directions. I worried a moment if some of them would smash into each other, but some nature power made them go into new circulations.

I both saw it from that Earth Planet I was standing on, and from space too.

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