Epilogue: The truth now known

“his destiny moves us only because it could have been our own”

I sought the truth. A struggle it did become.

I sought the answer. Horrified, am I, that the response can not be undone.

How long has this task consumed me? It has taken all that I am to reach this, the ground upon which I now stand. Is there anything left in me to go on?

Where would the going on go on too? Would the going go on, and on, and on as it has gone on and on so long before? What more misery might the fates have instore?

I only wanted to know the truth. I tremble at the thought that I could thrown this quest asunder. Oh how I now know the desire to know failure.

Failed I have not, but in succeeding, in meeting the challenge and soaring to triumph, in wining the adventure, have I lost my life in return?

What was discovered was myself, to whom I now know better than anyone other.

To know oneself, to see what I have sought, or was it soughting after me?

Could it be?

Is this, my life, a dreaded deception? Is this, my life, a cataclysmic constellation?

Can one know too much? How much can one bear to know? I now know, dreadfully so, I now know.

Here in my hand I grasp the implement of my atonement. Is it sharp enough to cut through these lies, to slice through my cries? Is it enough to free my alonement.

These eyes, these eyes, these pitiful eyes, they have seen too much, more than they can endure. How I wish to never see again. How I long for ignorance. How I long to finally feel failure.

still…and yet, still still.

Why do I grow so still? Are words not worth the wandering stirrings, the wondering lurings, the windering whirlings of my mind?

still…I am still stilled.

No, to know? No, to what is now known?



a yes, a yes is what mine mind has to confess.

Forgone this distress.

Yes, I do feel a Yes. A Yes to what is still stills. A Yes.

Yes, I now acquiesce. A Yes, I bow and yield to a Yes.

Is this not who I am?

Have the fates played me a victim to my victory? No, and Yes.

What has destiny to say? Fate lead me here, yet destiny dictates the direction of my description.

I now know what I am. Can I now, knowing this, not know what I will become?

Who better to categorize Oedipus but the one who knows him best. And Yes. Still Yes, I am the man who knows this man best.

I know what I am.

A victim, a tragedy? No. A vehemental misrepresentation! A gross falsification.

Sought out the truth and yet the truth, I am certain, was searching out for the source of its sacred creation. Now I now know that no obstacle would dissuade it, no barrier could deter it.

I now know what to impress. A YES. A YES.

A YES to what is. A YES. A YES to the knowledge. YES, I say YES to this script. A YES to this mess. A YES, A YES to the discovery, the acceptance, of this, the truth of King Oedipus.


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Comment by Judith Harte,Ph.D. on October 22, 2011 at 9:15pm
I'm transfixed  and  utterly moved by this sculpture of the naked  male figure standing on the rock with head in hand....

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