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Animus Aeternus  “The animus is the deposit, as it were, of all woman’s ancestral experiences of man—and not only that, he is also a creative and procreative being.” —C.G. Jung
Inextricably enmeshed in the life of every woman is a constellation of autonomous energy that Jung called animus, her masculine side. As a woman develops psychologically, animus changes, appearing and reappearing as child or adult, lover or enemy, king or slave, animal or spirit. . . read more

Guilt and Gender Roles  A woman needs access to her inner masculine qualities if she is to protect and defend herself against those masculine qualities that have been turned against her. For a woman the cure for being a victim of those masculine qualities is homeopathic, with respect to the man; that is, she gives him a dose of his own medicine . . . read more

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The Promiscuity Papers  $12.95 – Now Shipping - “The founding myth of psychoanalysis is revisited in The Promiscuity Papers with special attention being paid to the correlation between archetypal promiscuity and incest. The particular concern of the author, Matjaž Regovec, is to reveal how insights from these archetypal themes shed light on the difficulties encountered by a patient in his analytical practice. . .”  —Ann Casement,  read more

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Toni Wolff Revisited - Shipping Soon! - Mary Dian Molton & Lucy Anne Sikes Toni Wolff was at first the patient, and later the friend, mistress for a time, long-term colleague and personal analyst of Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung. In addition to her work as the founder, leader and teacher for the Psychological Society in Zurich which led to the establishment . . . read more

Logos vs Eros: Should Manhood be Continued? by Bud Harris
The idea that male energy could be good has come to be considered impossible. Yet all the great cultures have lived with images of this energy.  —Robert BlyRecent years have brought a growing emphasis on the concept of androgyny. Are men and women basically alike underneath it all? If they are, should we strive for an androgynous plateau after doing away with cultural sex roles?  . . . read more

Threshold Experiences - Michael Conforti "In the beginning", so goes many a great story. These familiar words beckon us across a threshold, often transporting us into unknown worlds and novel experiences. So too our lives are filled with many such "beginnings" -- new jobs, relationships, adventures, and even the inception of life itself. Each of these "threshold experiences" not only introduces us to new domains, but also draws us into the realities of archetypal . . . read more
Fiction: A Portal to the Sacred by Phyllis LaPlante Here is a modest proposal to help us better understand our patients and ourselves . . . read more
Fisher King Press Title List Jan 2011 . . . read more

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