Metaphoric Wisdom is Clear, Direct and Immediate

Mythologist Michael Meade describes sacred occurrences as those in which the "seal that separates the worlds" is broken and Spirit enters through that break. In Doorway sessions, clients go through a portal into a sacred, interior place where they tap into their own metaphoric inner wisdom. The messages from this realm are clear, direct and immediate. Once we've received an image, there is no further analysis or thinking that we need to do.


Valuing My Time: How a Metaphor Instantly Shifted Things


I've often felt uncomfortable setting limits and boundaries on my time with people. I've struggled with feeling that I was being callous, or it was my ego. But in a Doorway Session I saw fruit falling off my tree...and the fruit was my time. My tree was producing fruit and if I didn't take care to harvest that fruit, it would hit the ground and be wasted. I had been acting like I had unlimited time and the image clearly showed me that I don't. My tree won't be producing fruit forever and it's my responsibility to harvest it now.


After this image showed up, I had no energy about this anymore. Metaphors put an end to the stuckness, we're no longer in our heads analyzing the various sides of the issue: "Is it better for my business if I do this or I do that?"  Instead, we experience immediate truth. We all have such metaphoric inner wisdom available to us for any issue that we struggle with.


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Comment by Aleksandar Malecic on February 23, 2014 at 12:32am

“I propose an interpretive, narrative model of explanation. In hermeneutical interpretation, the meaning of a complete text is constructed from the relationships among the individual passages. In turn, the meaning of the story’s individual passages is derived from the meaning of the entire text in which those passages are embedded. This continual, interpretive “tacking” from parts to whole and back to parts reproduces the way dynamical systems self-organize out of the interrelationships among the parts, and then loop back to constrain those parts.” – Alicia Juarrero, “Dynamics in Action: Intentional Behavior as a Complex System”,

I find that quote (actually, that whole text) beautiful because it at the same time sounds technical and poetical. It’s very “Jungian” without even trying to be Jungian.


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